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Brake rotors

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by northerner, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. My bike has done 60,000km now and the front rotors are due for replacement.

    Anyone got any advice or recommendations on what to go for? Bike is a Street Triple R which gets used pretty hard.

    Looking at Galfer, EBC and Racetech SS at the moment.

    I would consider just putting the OEM's back on but appear to be no cheaper than most of the above...
  2. I'm in the same boat. I'll probably end up putting whatever is cheapest. Have you tried TJ at riders discount?
  3. Do they do brakes? Looks like gear only from their website? Sportbike track gear has good prices on galfer and EBC.
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    Yeah mate they do all the 675 stuff. They have a 675 race daytona. Best to go to triumph675.net and check http://www.triumph675.net/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=94

    Sometimes he has specials on stuff, if not just PM him and see what prices you get.

    He quoted me $525 (shipped) for a set of Galfer wave rotors (mine is a non-R though). I haven't really compared with other places.. short on cash at the moment.

    Also I should point out since you've got the -12.6% adjustment for the sprocket your odo is reading 12.6% less. Probably would've noticed you're getting about that much less out of a tank (was 180 for me at some stage) and thinking far out.. I know I did for a while.. hehehe.. Factoring in that difference I'm at about 70,000 now..
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  5. That's a good price - will check it out thanks. And yes took a while to get used to the 'lower' km's out of a tank!
  6. Metal Gear and S3 Performance are your two local options, and either one is going to be a lot cheaper than Galfer, EBC etc. I've heard good things about Metal Gear and an using their discs at the moment. Don't know much about S3 except that their discs are manufactured in China and their customer service is very good.
  7. +1 on Metalgear if you can get them to suit. I'm using their disc on the rear. Washington also recommend their pads by my mechanic for the front.
    Aussie distributor has an eBay and online shop - Metalgear Australia.
  8. yup thanks for that.. just checked their website..

    $199 for each front rotor.. + $19 shipping.. Sounds good.. :)