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brake resevoir mod question

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by dam-re, Aug 25, 2009.

  1. have a 06 honda hornet 900 done a few mods.so far would like to know if its possible too place a sports bike resevoir on my handle bars rather than the poxy rectangle one from factory.

    could I pinch the one off the same year fireblade would 1 know or something else,what would i be looking for mm of the brake lines connection???

    would like to do this mod.for looks and also simple access via the screw top round resevoirs and looks.

    cheers for any and all help

  2. You can stick any master cylinder on that you like. But be aware, the brake system works as a whole - if you put a master cylinder on that pumps too much fluid, the brakes will get very touchy. Too little, and they'll become useless. So be careful. Doing it for looks is the worst reason I can think of.
  3. Mucking around with a safety system purely for asthetic reasons is asking for trouble. Particularly when the reservoir plays no part in a braking system's performance.

    Maybe the OP is better off getting a Fireblade, if aesthetics is his major worry.
  4. just do it, if its no good change it back, simple.
  5. If you choose to do it, then make absolutely sure that the master cylinder bore size is identical.
  6. Why dont you just make a fancy cover and glue it on.
  7. Good.

    With twin yoshi pipes who the hell will be looking at the brake res???
  8. It's not as critical as some of the posts above would have you believe. You just need to be aware of the consequences. A larger master cylinder will give you less power, but you will have less lever stroke.

    A smaller master cylinder will give you more power, but you will have more lever stroke.

    The range of master cylinder sizes is quite narrow
  9. i did but only after he talked about it.

    and whats wrong with the box type reserve on teh handle bars, compared to the round one? (i have one on mine) plus if u ask me i think it looks like they just gone cheap and put the rear one at the front
  10. don't be put off so easily. If you're sourcing a master from a similar-sized bike from the same manufacturer, chances are it's going to be a compatible swap. Check the calipers. Do they have the same number of pistons? Are the masters' bores the same size? if so, then there's a better than good likelihood they will swap. If the banjo exit points align, then it's even easier ;)

    You'll know before you ride if it's going to work by feeling the lever. Apart from the obvious precautions-it's not rocket-science.

  11. cheers to all with the positive feedback..and im sure something will align..just wanted the easy way out in knowing if anyone had done this and what too aim for rather than maybe this or that...for now happy as with my bike...truly am!

    when chasing for the slip ons..a fair few dealers never heard of anyone changing them over from stock and hit me up incredible prices 1500-2000 for various brands..but persistence guided me through and got what i wanted looks and sound wise...as im sure this eventually will aswell

    ... looking at elimanating that god awfull grab bar at the rear for the moment and a tune,and that shall be the lot maybe...did i say how much I love this bike..best road bike ive been on.. end rant...

  12. Oh well. In that case, yes, I've done this. But to a 1980 CB900 ;)


    Piece of cake. On ebay all the time for around $80.

  13. The roundy ones seem to be less robust and stick out ready to be taken off. If I was gunna do any conversion, it'd probly be to change to a rectangle one that sits more flush :D