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brake pads

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Noel, Jan 28, 2005.

  1. unwanted new brake pads from the mechanic ...they were free...put on my bike....my bike doesn't stop as good now...;I am dirty....is this normal for new pads?????

  2. The contact surface of the new pads on the old rotors may be less than the old pads with the old rotors. Something about groves being worn into the rotors which inturn (over time) wear into the pads.

    But I am no brake expert so all the above is just what I heard from someone else... could be all BS! :?
  3. very interesting.....though I will be dirty on the workshop until the pads are like my old "new bike" pads and I am leaning towards blowing up at the workshop to replace my old pads ....i mean f
  4. Jezza is correct. If your rotors have grooves in them, you pads will have also had grooves in them to match. Run your fingers from inside to outside in a few places along the rotors - is it super smooth or do you have ripples/undulations (even slight one's). If the latter, then your rotors need machining (from memory, about $60 per rotor). If machining, the rotor needs to have a minimum thickness so they have enough mm to remain roadworthy after the machining - your mechanic will advise but if they say you need to buy new/2nd hand rotors seek a 2nd opinion if you don't explicitly trust the mechanic because they aren't cheap.

    Another option, if your rotors are silky smooth, is that your new pads are of a different surface/lining material. Metal pads have a stronger braking force but metal-on-metal causes your rotors to wear faster. Perhaps you had metal pads previously and now have fitted non-metal (eg. ceramic). Give your mechanic a call and ask?
  5. dont suppose you know the brand/model of the new pads?