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brake pads

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Androo, Nov 10, 2004.

  1. brake pads.. does anyone have any favourite (or least favourite) brands etc?

  2. Only thing I heard about brake-pads are that the heavily sintered ones (contain bits of metal) can wear your disc's out.

    I don't have a favorite brand, just went to the bike shop and asked for some that weren't sintered and they seem fine to me.
  3. I prefer SBS for my sporty one (non sintered) on the stainless discs
    good on the road...super at PI (they have to be at 200+ :LOL:)

    I used to use EBC but rooted a set of rotors ..too hard (and they were non

    the OE Kawasaki are good but bloody expensive....
    even my Kwaka dealer recommends aftermarket ones... :shock:


  4. ahh Scandinavian Brake Systems, sounds great lol

    so you use the ceramic ones?
  5. Then again you make like to try Gold Fren, top quality pad,
    Piston Broke in Bayswater sell them at a great price too.
  6. Gold Fren... I'll check them out

    btw how much do bike pads cost?
  7. All depends on the make and model of the bike, ie surface area of the pad etc. Yes they are ceramic ones. Im on my third set and have had no problems with them at all, and will continue using them. Well until the price of ECB's or SBS pads come down in price, a lot that is.
  8. ok guys sorry for bumping an old thread, but noticed today that the braking feel a little spongy....so am looking to get new pads, and will replace the fluid too.

    Now in the car i always use a certain, brand of pad (bendix), but am wondering what people recommend for bike pads....... do anyone know if bendix make pads for bikes too?

    cheers stewy
  9. Yep Bendix make brake pads for bikes (put a set in the Kat) though they're produced in Europe - unlike the Bendix-Mintex brand pads that were sold here for cars that were made in Ballarat (think they're now using the FMP brand name).
  10. how do you find them in the bike?? I love them on the car, but not sure for bikes, did you have to order them in?
  11. Replaced the rear pads with the Bendix sintered metal type and have found them to be good - better than the old set but then I don't know what brand they were, probably what it left the factory with. Only disadvantage is that they tend to squeal a little when the brakes are only applied lightly. Didn't have to order them in, one of the bike shops here in Ballarat happened to have a set in stock so they can't be that hard to find.