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N/A | National Brake Pads

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Senator17, Sep 23, 2014.

  1. Hi to all the tech heads, gear heads and racers. I'd need some suggestions for brake pads for my 2012 Z1000. I mostly ride weekends and have started doing track days as well. So I want a set that will work from cold when I'm road riding, but that can take some serious punishment for track days. On my first track day just over a week ago, I'm pretty sure I overheated my rear pads as the pedel felt like it was getting a bit long and the rears were losing thier effectiveness towards the end of my last two session. I know I have a lot to learn, but as I improve and brake later and harder on the front, I want to be sure I overheat the fronts and run out of brakes. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Also besides advice on the pads themselves, please let me know where to get them.

  2. Sen, i run Carbine Lorraine C59 Sintered on my gixxer - track only and CBR6 which i track and commute. Probably clocked up 6000 k's on the CBR and still holding strong. I need a fluid change but the pads are fine. Only two track days on the gixxer so can't really comment aboit them lasting , I'm no guru but i'm happy enough with them.
    $57 for the fronts, and 2 needed ($114) and $35 for the rears. That was Sportbiketrackgear and when the dollar was stronger.
  3. C59 is listed as a racing pad on the Carbon Lorraine site, have you noticed any downsides?
  4. @Deadsy@Deadsy - guessing you mean for road use. They seem to bite fine from cold. But i guess the speed you're travelling at is relative. Like i said i'm no brake guru but i'm happy with them. Maybe they're not lasting as long as a more standard set and i'll have to swap them out soon. Would i use them again for a commuter (daily), weekender (monthly) and track (quarterly) bike in that order? Probably not. Maybe give the XBK5's a go next time as a comparison.
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