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Brake Pads, which ones?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by TAX123, Mar 26, 2009.

  1. Been looking for replacement pads and have found some non originals at supercheap "VESRA" made in Japan for $49:95

    then today i looked on ebay and found some for $20 they are called "Eonfine"

    now my questions are , has anyone bought and used these eonfine ebay pads, are they trusted, the guy writes that they are equal if not better than the factory originals.

  2. There's definately a difference between cheap pads and good ones. I think it's wise to stick with good brands like Nissin, EBC, Ferodo until you're absolutely certain. For the price difference it's not worth f*cking around.
  3. My Triumph needs new pads. Where's the best place to buy good quality ones? Peter Stevens?
  4. When it comes down to it, would you trust the person who is selling something to you to be completely honest? I usually look for a second opinion, and ive never heard of Eonfine. Who knows, they might be good.

    VESRA are pretty good, Ive got them on my bike and Ive never had any problems, just dont know how long they last.
  5. +1
  6. has anyone used them?
  7. If theres one thing you skimp on, dont let it be brakes.
  8. Yeah but I really just need a very average street riding pad; I have no delusions of "performance" :]
    I can't (reasonably) see a way cheaper brake pads could suddenly catastrophically fail and be dangerous, which given decent reports elsewhere is why I'm still considering these ....
    The price diff of $15 - $40 is also non-trivial ....
  9. if you cant afford $40 on brake pads should you really have an expensive hobby like a motorbike. Honestly, this is not a hobby you want to half - arse.
  10. I purchased my bike from Peter Stevens and it had SBS pads fitted on the front. They made a lot of high pitched grinding noises and were wearing the disk rotors. They weren't even half worn when I gave them the flick and purchased another set of SBS pads from Peter stevens. This time the softer street pads. They seemed okay at the start but less than half way through I had the same issue again. The rear pads are SBS and they are okay. Can't be sure if it's just me or if others have had the same experience. I contacted SBS in europe and they ask I get the bike checked by Peter Stevens and to send them some high res pics. A lot of work and inconvenience. Next pads will definitely be original.
  11. from what i read it's normal for sintered pads to wear the rotors more and make more noise ....
  12. I put SBS pads on my NSR and I noticed a great improvement, I was able to do one and two finger braking, whereas before I had to grab a handful.

    Mind you, the effect may have been accentuated, as these replaced the standard brake pads that towards the end were also contaminated with fork oil when a seal went on me :grin:
  13. I've got cheap chinese pads $16 a set delivered, can't remember the brand though.

    great pads in the dry, stoppies are no problem but they take
    a second or so to work in the wet....scary first time but I'm fine with them now, they still work much better than the original OEM pads
    of 1994.

    Checked 'em at the weekend and expected life seems about normal.

    Use whatever you're comfortable with.

  14. On My Trumpys I have used both the SBS and Nissin (which is what they are fitedd with at the factory)... the best results I have had... Nissin on the rear and SBS on the front...

    Peter Stevens in ringwood seams to have the right Nissin pads in stock while other stores have SBS... The new store at Fern Tree Gully have almost every brand known to me...
  15. hey doug, i'm guessing that's because they're "organic" not "sintered" (just guessing) .... i got organic, perhaps should have gone the sintered ..... (really don't like the sound of 1-2 sec in the wet(!!!!))
    see how i go ....