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brake pads replacement question

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by cakeman, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. Hi, ive just replaced my front pads. THe first set went in fine on one side, and on the other side after i pushed the brake piston back i had to squeeze in the last pad, nothing to tight though.

    I can hear the side where i had to squeeze the last pad in slightly rubbing against the disc when im moving. Im wondering is this normal or has it got somethign to do with me squeezing it in?

    Will this go away or is it just a simple case of waiting for the pads to be bedded in?


  2. i think its like that, mine does that and hasnt had the pads replaced since i bought it

    one rotor might be thicker than the other.
  3. A simple diagnostic... get the front wheel off the ground and check that it spins freely.

    If it wont spin there is a problem.

    This check only proves a problem. It does not prove that all is well.
  4. i have sanded one of the pads back and its still rubbing. its rubbing to the point that after i go for a quick ride, the disc is quite warm/hot to the touch, while the other side is fine
  5. Do the calipers have adjustable Allen bolts? When I replace my front pads I need to readjust the Allen bolts which hold the caliper together to prevent rubbing. I simply adjust bolts (slightly) and by holding each side of the caliper and gently pulling in opposite directions, I eventually stop the pad from rubbing on the rotor.

    - Zealous
  6. My rear brake does this when I am pushing the bike slowly, but when I get some speed up it stops.
  7. Sounds like your caliper pistons are dirty and need a good clean.

    There's also a chance that the caliper is performance is sub par and might need a dismantle, clean and seal kit.
  8. Did you rub down the outside of the piston before pushing it back into the caliper?
    Chances are the caliper has met the piston on a 'gummed up' portion. This will prevent the piston from returning 'fully'.
    Try this:
    remove caliper
    remove pads
    squeeze brake lever enough to push the piston out a little
    clean the outside circumference of the piston.
    push the piston back into the caliper
    refit pads
    refit caliper

    Hope this helps.

    :LOL: Rob ... ya beat me to it