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Brake pads for zxr250a

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Froggz, May 28, 2011.

  1. Hey all, just ask a quote for a dealer to replace all the brake pads and they said $400 which is a major rip off. and i was just going to do it with a friend who can do it. but what part number are the pad and does anyone know if the ZXR250c (91 model) will fit my 88 model.

    or what part numbers the pads are thanks :D
  2. No idea. But pad suppliers will have a look up book to tell them which of their parts suits your bike.
  3. Thanks for the info :D
  4. Ferodo are good, about $50 per caliper, so $150 if you've a dual fronts & rear, I've just got some Metal Gear pads for $25 per caliper, haven't used them yet, but they look good...

    That $400 will also include labour, so clearly you can save $325 if you DIY.

    Metal gear: www.metalgear.com.au, it'll tell you which parts you need.
  5. Thanks heaps. Ill most likely order some off those metalgear ones. is it worth getting the Sintered pads or just go with organic?
  6. I have some Ferodo Sintered pads on my VTR, and I find them to be excellent. Great feel even when cold. Regardless of whether you get their pads, their website is really handy. The Electronic Catalogue has a list of part numbers for competitors and OEM as well as their own numbers.

  7. Awesome Thanks for the info :D
  8. I have got the metal gear sintered pads on my across, can't complain about them and for the price it's not likely i would complain even if they were crap!
  9. Sintered pads give you a little more performance but will wear the disc a little quicker.

    I always buy sintered, discs are cheap enough and you still don't have to change them very often.

  10. Mine aren't. Pity.
  11. Yeah i most likely will just get the sintered ones. Cant hurt to much.