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Brake Pad Wear on GS500

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by jawntybull, Jun 6, 2008.

  1. Bought my 06 model GS500 two weeks ago, and spent the last couple of weeks practicing for MOST - so lots of rear brake dragging to get the low speed manouevres. During the test yesterday, in the wet, I felt roughness in the rear brake - but thought "its only done 8000km so the pads can't be worn yet?!?" Anyway, checked them today and they're down to the metal!!

    Has anyone had similar experiences with LAM bikes? I'm the third owner of this one, so I think it might be three people all using the bike in an unusual way... or do rear brakes normally wear out this quickly?? What sort of mileage would you say I can expect with normal use?

  2. it can be a couple of things, riding with the brake applied including the practising /training you mentioned, sticky caliper not allowing the brake to come off completly, or incorrect adjustment at the rear foot lever and unknowingly having the brake on and wearing the pad when riding. A bad pad or excessive use. There probably is some other things I have forgotten to. Change the pads make sure the calipers are not sticking and check the adjustment (lever height) and make sure it's not on when your foot is at rest on the pedal would be a good start. then again it could be a soft type pad in there
  3. I did nearly 20,000kms on my GS500 without changing the rear pads - the right-hand footpeg was worn down to a stub, so it wasn't just commuting either :p . If you are down to the metal already, something is almost definitely wrong there - either with the bike or your riding style.

    First thing - are you familiar with the look/feel of healthy brake pads? There may not actually be anything wrong with them, to an unfamiliar eye the actual pad part looks like metal - partly because there are metal flakes in some brake pads.

    If they are definitely worn down, I'd follow the advice per the previous post. Start off with the easy stuff - first thing I'd check is that you aren't riding with your foot constantly resting on the rear brake. If that is the cause, perhaps look at adjusting the lever height. If that's not the case, move on and start looking at mechanical problems such as sticky calipers.
  4. Unlikely, but it's possible that one of the previous owners threw in a pair of worn pads off another bike to experiment, "upgrade" to a different type of pad or just to keep the newer pads when they sold it. 8,000kms isn't normal at all.

    Could also be that one of the previous riders had a stuck caliper and fixed it, but not until after the majority of wear had been done?
  5. Thanks everyone for your comments - I've put a pair of higher grade pads in now (EBC HHs) and I'll watch them carefully - check them each week. I suspect its just two previous learners resting their foot whilst riding, as the adjustment seems to be fine. The rub now (pun intended) is that the discs are roughened by rubbing on the pad metal backing plates, so they're gonna chew through pads faster anyway - I'm hoping they will settle down eventually

  6. That's pretty likely, lots of learners like to ride the rear brake constantly.

    Just out of curiosity - after you bedded the pads in did you whack it up on the centrestand and check for an unusual level of drag?
  7. A few minor circular furrows shouldn't be a problem, as the new pads will wear to the disc's profile quite quickly. Big gouges might be more of an issue, but I haven't seen that happen without major abuse.
  8. Postscript

    For anyone else with a similar issue - The EBC HH pads seem to be doing the trick. After a few hundred ks of riding and braking, the good news is that the disc is smoothing up pretty well, and the pads seem to be holding up fine. Fingers crossed from here!!
  9. I'm glad all is well