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Brake pad replacement tips

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by robsalvv, Jan 17, 2005.

  1. Hiya folks.

    My 9R requires new front brake pads. I have the official Kwaka service manual and being mechanically minded and going by the instructions, replacing the pads looks straight forward enough.

    Just wondering whether there are any tips/tricks/traps or pitfalls that I should be aware of, because the instructions seem too simple.

    Instructions are along the lines of: undo caliper mounting bolts, remove caliper, undo pad spring retaining bolt, remove spring, remove pads, replace pads, re-insert spring, re-insert tighten spring retaining bolt, fit calipers, re-insert tighten caliper mounting bolts, pump the brake lever.

    Am I being paranoid or is it really that simple? I got quoted $130 odd to do that work...

    Thanks in advance. Cheers, Rob
  2. Hello Rob,

    That is pretty much it. Be aware that before you remove the old pads, you may have to pry apart the caliper cylinders using a screwdriver between the old pads to allow for the extra material on the new pads (Don't use the screwdriver on the cylinders themselves!!). Before you do this, you will need to remove the filler cap on the master cyclinder because you will force the brake fluid up into the resivior. You may also need to remove some fluid as you will not want this fluid to touch your body work. Once the calipers are forced apart, you can then add the new pads. Pump lever to re seat the pads and you will be fine. I would recommend a fluid change and bleed of the entire system at the same time. There are tricks to this, and perhaps some people here have some nifty tricks or suggestions that they use. Take it easy a few time with the new pads as they can take a while to seat properly.

  3. Thanks Mark - much appreciated :)

    The 9R has a brake fluid change scheduled for the next service - so I might leave that one for the service.

    Cheers mate, Rob
  4. Rob
    you have forgotten to do a check on the rotors
    while the pads are out..check thickness with micrometer
    and warp with dial gauge
    and also
    you need to some way, scratch up the rotors
    otherwise the new pads will glaze up
    a milling machine is good.. or emery on a circular pad

    you will also check the caliper seals for leaks and condition..I hope

  5. Thanks Smitty. :) Points noted! Cheers. Rob
  6. Rob,

    Use a bit of "locktight" on the caliper bolts. You can by some at most car part shops that is designed specifically for brake bolts.

    Don't ust full strength stuff or you will never get them off next time. Also, use just a smear.
  7. Cheers ibast will do. :)