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Brake Pad, chipped

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by NinjaKid, Sep 9, 2015.

  1. #1 NinjaKid, Sep 9, 2015
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    hi guys so after about 400km of riding yesterday, I notice my recently replaced brake pad is sorta chipped,
    like its cracked due to heavy pressure or some sort, is it allrite?, its still intact though

    I've had new brake pads come with a little material chipped of the side, never had an issue with it. If the material has split down the middle or de-laminating I would replace it.

    Post up some pic's if you could.

  2. yessir, ill post some photos, its kinda hard to get the angle, i think the workshop put on EBC pads, but its a bit dodgy that workshop ill bring it over to a different one next, the disc rotor is due for replacement too but i just did the pads, the previous owner didnt really take good care of it, brake disc worn only after 30000km
  3. Sounds like the previous owner was actually using the brakes the way they're meant to be used
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  4. Must be one of those break pads everyone talks about.
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  5. Maybe it's getting to the end of my workday and I'm tired and hungry, but for a second I thought OP was having a 'Fight Club' moment with himself.
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  6. Was it branded "KitKat"?
  7. So when i went to the workshop its k**** kawasaki heard good reviews about them, i actually trusts them but the way they quote me its abit off, they didnt mention what pads they r using its just when i saw the packaging it was ebc, anyways im plannin to go to r*** circuit workshop in Moorebank the other day my uncle brought his boulevard his front tyre is losing pressure, the guy quickly replaced it with nk charge, i mean the guy actually knows what hes doin, so i went over and ask him about changing the whole brake disc n pads and he gave me quite a detailed quote on that so yeah, i might go over if this chipped pads needs replacing ill do the whole parts 20150909_211127. 20150909_211123.

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  8. how did you bed the pads in?

    the disc is not totally flat, and the shipped area seems like it lines up with the bottom of the innermost cooling holes?
    if those chips fell off, and no more chipping occurred, it wouldn't be the end of the world.. :)
  9. Mods have morphed my earlier post into yours, thats why its weird.... o_O
    Safest thing to do would be to take the pad off and inspect the surface of the pad for any damage, if there are cracks through the material then you have overheated them.

    I wouldn't worry about just a chip, it just looks like a regular organic pad. Leave it 10k and you will be replacing it anyway.
    The bigger concern is that it's cracked throughout and half the material falls off.
  10. i think because ive post too much of this shit hahahhaa
    my rego is till december so what i was thinking is to replace the whole brake disc along with the pads, or till the 36000km major service but i doubted it gonna hit before december
    will those aftermarket brake disc and stuff affect the whole value of the bike?,
    I mean like i need to get my full with this baby so round 3years hopefully it will last that long
    probably it was overheating because yesterday i took it to M1 and rode it for like almost 4 hours straight doing 90km/h :whistle::rolleyes:
  11. at k**** kawasaki they did it pretty badly i think the guy uses his screwdriver to fit it in like he managed to scrape the old one pretty bad with his screw driver just trying to get it out, and he uses his screw driver to push the piston up as well, idk much about bikes but ive seen quite a bunch of videos on how to do it, im not a big fan of doing it myself because i always leave it the pro, but again its good to know
  12. Using a screw driver wrecks the pads, normally you use pliers or grips to compress the pistons .
    You only replace a rotor (metal disk) when they are scuffed badly, warped or reach minimum thickness, at the same time you change the pads. Normally you can do a dozen or so organic pads to a single rotor.

    Given your using a good quality rotor and pad I would pay more if they are near new. They are consumables and designed to be replaced like chains, sprockets and tires. Overheating pads is normally caused by riding the brakes or aggressive riding such as racing through the mountains...not cruising down the freeway!
  13. Yes, they've either levered it with a screwdriver or bumped the pad when they've put the wheel back on. It's cosmetic only and will only reduce the brake life by a few days. Still its worth pointing it out to whoever did the service as it's unprofessional.
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  14. Yes, they've either levered it with a screwdriver or bumped the pad when they've put the wheel back on. It's cosmetic only and will only reduce the brake life by a few days. Still its worth pointing it out to whoever did the service as it's unprofessional.
  15. ah ok, im not sure though, mostly im just riding the freeway, but along the way yeah some occasional braking, yep i thought the same like im a bike noob but when i saw the way he does it, yeah, the back disc reads like 0.3 off min thickness i think it was, the front disc is in the min thickness

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  16. Yea, on closer inspection it does look like the rotors are quite worn.
    Keep riding it, as long as you still have material on the brake pads it will be fine, next service set aside a few hundred for new rotors.
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  17. thanks you guys, netrider is the best!!
  18. Brake disks last ages 0.3 will take a while to disappear, especially from the rear.
  19. hi, i recently noticed that when i reverse my bike, theres this squeaking noise coming from around the front wheel,possibly the brake pads, im not sure because its chipped and everything, but it only happens when i reverse back, should i be concerned?
  20. bearing?