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Brake or clutch, which would you rather have?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by LostWallet, Jun 24, 2015.

  1. if you crashed and broke both levers, BUT happened to have a spare (magic) lever which could be either a brake lever or clutch lever which would you rather have?

    personally i would rather ride with a clutch and no front brake than a front brake and no clutch. it is easier to make do with engine braking and rear brake than it is to ride without a clutch, especially anywhere there are stop signs or traffic lights. doubly so if the bike im riding has a nice gearbox as apposed to a dirtbike gearbox which i can ram into gear with a swift kick.

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  2. very random question but yes definitely a clutch
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  3. Depends on the time of day, clutch at night with hardly anyone around for example. Brake if it's a traffic situation because fcuk knows what might happen next...
  4. Clutch all the way.
    There's plenty of engine braking on my Inazuma (even at 1800km).
    I often slightly pull the brake lever to engage my brakelight when slowing down in traffic so the cars behind me know I'm slowing down... even tho I'm mainly just downshifting and having the engine brake for me.
  5. I'll take the brake lever. I can ride without a clutch fairly easily but nothing will slow you down in time of need like a functional front brake.
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  6. Am I missing something here?

    Surely you couldn't even take off without the clutch, admittedly I've never tried but.

    1. Bike off
    2. engage neutral
    3. start bike (noting most newer bikes require you to pull in the clutch to start)
    4. rev and jam into first
    5. Stop at lights and turn the bike off
    6. repeat
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  7. you can run the bike on the starter motor or you can run start your bike.
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  8. How would one crash and break both levers? I'm imaging some kind of impressive roll over. Or do you just drop your bike pick it up and then drop it on the other side?

    Obviously your asking the wrong question here.

    Also I'd like to express disappointment that the thread wasn't titled "Brake or clutch, which would your rather break?"
  9. It's not too hard to disable the clutch idiot switch. Snick neutral before you come to a halt. To get going again you should be able to paddle the bike forward quick enough to get first without stalling it or crunching the gearbox, at least on the level or a downslope. If you need to do it uphill you've chosen the wrong route.
  10. Brake, brake, brake, no brainer.
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  11. you stalled the bike because you broke the clutch, making you drop the bike and break the brake
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  12. For me i would be good with just the clutch.
  13. Clutch also
  14. I've ridden a bike without the brake lever and it's no fun over 70 kph.

    For me i'd keep the clutch if it's under 70kph, on the freeway i'd take the brake.
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  15. I'm surprised at all the people saying they'd rather keep the clutch. Yes, the bike is easier to ride, but is it worth the risk to your life when the unexpected happens?

    I'd take the brake 100% of the time.
  16. I'd take the tow truck.
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  17. Depends on the circumstances doesn't it. If you just need to limp home a short distance in quiet burbs then either really. If you have a lot of highway miles to chew up, you need the brake WAY more. If you need to do a slow commute filtering through traffic you'd be in trouble without a clutch, and you could keep your speed well down to try and account for the lack of proper stoppers!

    m_wavem_wave - you can ride a bike without a clutch, just need some good throttle control and try flow with traffic, reduce the number of stops you have to make to a minimum. Used to do it on an XT500 in traffic (note not by choice, the clutch cable had a habit of snapping) where there was a real incentive to not stop and have to stall all the time - try kickstarting the bastard again and again and again - teaches great anti-stall control lol....
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    I've had my clutch cable break on my commute in heavy traffic. I would rather a front brake than a clutch anyday, no clutch is not a big deal to me. Just put it in neutral at the lights, when light goes green push off and change into gear. The litre or supersport bikes with long first gears would be a pain though, but then you could just wait until the traffic settles.

    I could do a 1000km ride, or a ride to the shops like this. But I'd be very wary about doing so without a front brake I'd stay in a town overnight and wait for parts actually.

    I would go out of my way to avoid stopping on uphills though.