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Brake Locks (security)

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by kiss_the_future, Jan 23, 2005.

  1. What are your views on those locks that you attach to your brake. Are they worth it?, or are the locked handlebars a sufficent enough piece of security.

  2. for piece of mind there worth every cent, but alas they will only stop the honest thief. There also good in the fact when dad throws junior on your bike and wheels him down the footpath a bit the disc lock stops them.
    Always remember if they want your bike, they will just pick it up and carry it away :)
  3. been chatting with a mate running a rental bike workshop in London, he says bike theft is huge over there.
    very organized, they seem to work as teams, pull up in a van, jump out, poles through the wheels , lift it up and straight in the back of the van, never to be seen again.

    btw, Kryptonite locks with the round keys can be opened with any "biro pen"
    apparently they have an exchange scheme to replace the lock if you have one.


    cheers ratty ( aka Paul )
  4. I was actually looking at a kryptonite lock...though it was one of those small disc lock ones.
  5. 1. if you get one make sure it has all the flashy coloured bits - for you to remember rather than the crooks!

    2. remember to put it where if you forget it the wheel can't do nearly a full rev before it goes bang very hard against your brake calipers and does unspeakable things

    I used to ride an old K series BM where the steering lock was on the head separate from the ignition - I did a fast start with the bars on full lock once and hit the deck in a most embarrasing (but not very damaging luckily) way when I discovered I couldn't steer - German technology eh!!!
  6. how much are they? $50?
  7. At peter stevens, around $35.
  8. I saw a kryptonite lock at peter stevens for $35...and its was a 3 out of 5 star rating.

    A 4 and a half star rating is about $70 i think.
  9. the more stars the better?
  10. Yeah the more stars the better security it offers.
  11. i've got both a disc lock and a steel cable lock that i put through the back tyre and around the biggest pole i can find. I figure 2 security locks are better than one.

    It still wont stop someone stealing it if they really want it as all they need is about 15 minutes and a hacksaw but its a pretty good deterrent, and at least it makes life difficult for them.
  12. Disc locks are great...just put them up close to the brake pads, so there's is not much "travel" before you hit them, if you forget.

    Just remeber to always push your bike forwards that's all... :wink:
  13. the bike i bought a while back has a kryptonite lock and the key has a green button on it.

    this might be a dumb question, but what's the button for?
  14. you can also get disc locks with built in alarms. Does anybody have one of these and does anyone recommend. I guess the ultimate would be a full alarm system. i need to do something and am still unsure which is the right way to go
  15. My guess is that it controls a small torch, so that you can see where you need to fit the key. Just a guess.
  16. I bought one of those Kryptonite disc locks the other day. About the exchange thing, has anyone actually exchanged them? How long did it take to get back? Postage costs?
  17. postage is free - they send you a prepaid UPS label and according to the site it takes 3-5 weeks to get the new one.

    green button? anyone? :?: :?: :?:
  18. really? that's it? i thought it was some sort of technology that was a product of the space program - laser encoding or something... sigh :?
  19. I have been considering a Xena lock, built in alarm/motion sensor (so you don't ride off and
    forget it) and looks pretty sleek - good rating too.

    There is also an available chain adaptor, so you can use the same disc lock with a chain.

    Check out the 'Nightmare' model - looks cool.

  20. The Xena locks looks cool, what the cost and where can I get the one with the built in alarm.

    What a great idea.

    Where can I get them in sydney?