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BraKe Light Modulator - Vizi-tec Super Brake 2

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Highett, Oct 22, 2013.

  1. After reading about Brake Light Modulators I decided to purchase and Install one on my Kawasaki ZG1400CBF.

    I did some research and decided on the Vizi-tec because it was bike specific, Plug and Play and was very small and had 10 preset algorithms to choose from

    Delivery was 11 days and came without instruction for installation, Vizi-tec did say that a user guide and installation instructions were available for download on their web site.

    There is a user manual which is comprehensive but no specific installation guide for the 1400GTR, there is a generic installation video though


    However installation only requires accessing the brake light lead and plug, getting to the brake light plug required moving some bits out of the way to create some room.



    Normally you would remove the tool box but mine has a Fuse Block installed in it and will require the wiring to be removed first


    To isolate the Fuse Block I removed the fuse in the positive wire that comes direct from the battery and supplies power to the Fuse Block


    Fuse Block and Toolbox removed, wires put to the side and the foam block with the system diagnostic plugs removed and put to the side


    The brake light and indicator wires and plugs are tucked up behind this module, moving it is easy as it is held in place buy by a rubber harness attached on each side


    just lifted the module out, I did not bother unplugging it just moved it to the side to make some space


    Reach under and carefully pull out the wires and plugs, Plug Identification as pictured


    Split the brake light plug and plug in the modulator, tidy up the wires and plugs, some small black zip ties came with the modulator, I used those and put all the wires and plugs back where they came from along with the modulator.


    Put everything back the way it was


    The Modulator has a delay, this delay is for when you are in stop & start traffic so you don't end up annoying the crap out of the person behind you.

    The video below shows the Brake light Modulating, then normal operation and then Modulating.

    This is the factory default setting, there are 10 in all.

    Left click on the picture below to view the video


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  2. Great post for a noobie!

    Well done, looks like it could help a lot.