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QLD Brake light modulation

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by licensed, May 13, 2009.

  1. hello,

    I have done a fair bit of searching and cannot find anything to say that brake light modulation is illegal in qld. This document linked to below only has a section for headlight modulation but i'm not interested in this.


    So in summary, i would like to know that if i buy and install a brake light modulator, is it possible for me to get picked up by police? (perhaps under a different section of the law).


    (I'm looking at buying from http://www.nocutmodulators.com/ becuase i have a ninja 250r, and no cut 2 minute installation is an important consideration for me, $35US all up)

  2. They'll be covered under ADR and wont be legal.
    Selling them is another matter.
  3. It is covered by the anti-hoon laws now :roll:.
  4. If I am sitting in the middle of the road at lights or turning right I just pump the front brake to make sure I am seen,not a gadget but it works
  5. Excellent. Thanks for the replys. I'll have a look.

    Yeah. I do this sometimes on my bike and even in the car when im getting tailgated and have to turn into a narrow driveway from 60km/h.

    I just believe that an automatic system would make life easier. I find it a bit difficult to gauge how much i need to squeeze the brakes to make the light come on. Too much and id essentially be bunny hoping just to flash the rear brake light.
  6. idealy the break lights come on the moment you touch the pedal. Thats how it works in cars, and on my bike.
  7. One of the Euro car manufacturers (MB?) have to "retrofit" brake switches here to comply with our ADR's
  8. If anyone knows of the location of the documents (ADR, anti-hooning stuff) that clarify this topic for me and can post a link. I would really appreciate it. :)
  9. Mate, you're 21 you already know it all :roll:
    You asked the question............................
  10. Have a fun read (ps Google is your friend)

  11. Quoting from the document linked to, I guess this is the answer.

    Thanks for the replys and comments.
  12. These brakelight or headlight modulators do not tun the light off.

    Therefore the light is not actually flashing.

    Its intensity is varied using PWM techniques.
  13. Afaik, that is true for many headlight modulators on the market but the brake light modulators (which i'm interested in and) i've been looking seem to be a on/off flashing.

    So it seems it would still be illegal and i probably will not get one.
  14. I received a reply from the brake light modulator company i linked to earlier in this thread. I asked them to clarify what the light actually does in regards to flashing/pulsing.

    I find it interesting in the fact that the light is not "on/off" flashing, but rather pulsing. However i'm still not convinced that i won't get pulled over when followed by police because the light is "close enough" to flashing.
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  16. I DIY'd one with an ATTINY85 and mosfet.

    Mine does two things:
    - On first application flashes once and then stays lit (250ms on, 100ms off then constant on)
    - If brake is continued to be held, flashes every 15 seconds after that (off 100ms, on 250ms, off 100ms then on again for 15 seconds)

    I had to any way as I replaced the 5/21W bulb with some 10W COB LEDs and needed to dim them for the tails. The brake is particularly noticeable now as it goes completely off for the 100ms gap, instead of just dimming back to tails.

    I didn't do any doco for this as it's so simple anyone can do it. Parts cost is about $5 (not including the LEDs). I might have the code around somewhere if someone wants it (Arduino code).

    Next step is to add some feedback to it so that the brightness is constant instead of dimming at idle. I seem to recall I had a spare A/D input to use for this. The LEDs reached full brightness at around 11 volts so I don't think I'll need to make a boost converter.

    Travelling for work for the next month so no time for that right now.
  17. I rang the Qld Dept and got told any lights that do anything other than stay on constantly (except indicators) are not acceptable.

    I got given a direct number (3114 5844) for the best people to ask about mods.
  18. So we come into the realm of what is legal and what is safe. A line that motorcyclists dance all the time. As an example personally I prefer to spend as little time on the opposite side of the road as possible when overtaking even if that means going past the local limit. I don't think I am alone there. I have looked at stoplight modulators as well and if I commuted a lot I think I would probably fit one.
  19. To be honest, I really liked the one in my link above for the appearance factor, especially the indicator flash (I would keep the OEM indicators as well). I think it can be programmed to be a solid brake and sequential turn, I am just waiting on a reply from them.
  20. Just one caveat, the indicators do not pass ADR regulations. This is for informational purposes only.
    ADR 19/01

    For rear indicators, the clearance between the inner edges of the two illuminating surfaces shall be at least 180 mm on the condition that the prescriptions of paragraph 2.11. are applied even when the registration plate is mounted;