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VIC Brake light flashing

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by burgman, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I would imagine this has come up before, but after searching for quite some time I haven't been able to find a Victoria specific answer to this...

    I would like to install a mod that would flash my two brake lights left and right and then both together 4 times... This of course is for increased visibility when braking...

    I have a funny feeling that this isn't legall Does anyone have any experience or knowledge if it is or isn't in Victoria?

    Thank you very much!
  2. Re: Break Light Flashing

    I have a funny feeling it isn't legal either, but even if it is, I've changed the spelling :LOL:
  3. Only indicators are allowed to flash, anything else is not allowed.
  4. The police tend to be pretty unhappy about any flashing red or blue lights.
  5. There was a kit you could buy (as in you had to solder resistors and other electronics on to a circuit board yourself) in the mid 80's in ETI or EA which was designed to flash your eye level brake light twice and then remain on each time you hit the brakes.

    I made one up for my LC Torana XU1 look alike (it was a 4 door) I had in the mid 80's but both EA (Electronics Australia) & ETI (Electronics Today International) magazines are long dead and we're talking about 25 years ago.........
  6. I think if you dropped the idea of left/right flashing then you would get away with it without attention from the Police. After all, you can tap your brake to flash the lights without any modification.

    There are plenty of brake light modulators that flash the lights a few times then stay on. Get one of them.
  7. This is what i do whenever i need to stop, just give the lever a few light taps to flash the brake light before actually braking....

    Can't see how it would be illegal if you can do it manually with your controls.
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  8. The left right could be mistaken for a blinker anyway so I don't think that is a good idea. Decreases instead of increases safety.
  9. I have a Brake light modulator.

    It flashes 5 times and then goes steady for 3 Sec's then flashes again.

    Never had a problem with police.
  10. Yeah I was thinking the same. Confusing cage drivers in not a safety practice.
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  12. I have a brake light modulator as well, although haven't gotten around to attaching it on my commuter yet..

    In my search for them I dont recall seeing and left-right modulators.. I'm sure they exist though. It seems pretty common on some of the newer high end euro cars.

    In terms of legality, technically they dont 'flash' because they dont turn off, they just modulate to a lesser brightness. Despite being a safety feature I wouldn't put it past a highway copper to bust you for it if you forget to bow to their ego.
  13. No but it's easy and can be fun in the right circumstances :twisted:.
  15. Hi all
    Has anyone looked into the Billy lights fro Clearwater
  16. I'm sure I've seen semi-trailer brake lights flash 3 or 4 times and then stay on. Can't be illegal if you could do it manually.

    Left then right then on might be a different matter though.
  17. Think you might not be legal, Section 5.8 of the above, this same para is also repeated in 19/00 and 19/02 for the different year bikes:

    5.8. In the absence of specific instructions, no lamps other than direction-indicator lamps and the vehicle-hazard warning signal shall be flashing lamps.
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  18. Rear indicators are allowed to be red (iirc), so flashing alternate sides would definitely be out.