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Brake fluid

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by BlueRex, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. This might seem like a stupid question to those who know but i don't :)

    My 96 zxr6 has the brake fluid down to just above the minimum line, my question is should i drain the fluid that is already in there because i don't know what brand it is or is it ok just to top it up with new fluid that i purchase.
  2. Drain and bleed the brake lines, put Motul RBF600 brake fluid, check your brake pads, your brakes will be way better
  3. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe you're fine mixing like types of fluid (eg different brands of 5.1, or a dot 4 with a dot 5.1), but no good mixing silicone and non-silicone (dot 5 with anything else).

    Bear in mind that your brake fluid is only as good as it's weakest component, so it's no use topping it up with good quality fluid if the old fluid is due for a change.

    And yeah, RBF600 is a great fluid if you change it regularly. If you're not going to drain your brakes on a semi-regular basis go with something lower maintenance.
  4. Yep, what devotard said, it is pointless to top up old fluid, do your brakes a favour and put fresh clean fluid in and get all the air out of the system.

    What is worrying though is that the fluid level is so low check for leaks in the system.
  5. And check the wear on the pads too - as pads wear down the pistons move out and fluid goes down ;).
    And yes definitely worth changing the lot, should really replace brake fluid every 2 years anyway (or less).
  6. What he said ^

    If you go with the Motul RBF600 you will have to change the brake fluid more often maybe once every 6 months if you ride frequently, $25 every 6 months is the price of that extra performance :)
  7. Thanks for the feedback.
  8. I change mine at least once a month and really notice the new fluid. I'm not sure if that's from the greater water adsorption of the RBF600 or because I've been cooking it a bit lately.

    For street riding, I'd personally just go with a decent 5.1.