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brake fluid!

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Androo, Jun 19, 2005.

  1. do most bikers change their brake fluid? ever?

    I just did the rear brake on my new bike and it was closer to black then transparent green! :? the brake works unbelievably better now :D

  2. Religiously !! every 2 years..... and any bike that "comes through the door".
  3. every few months....

    along with the engine oil and coolant and fork oil

  4. As a minimum as stated in most owners manuals is 2 years. And if you dont know how long it has been since it has been changed then I would suggest change it anyway!!!

  5. when it starts to change color is the best time.
  6. interesting, I havent attempted fork oil... do you notice much difference after a change?
  7. WHAT THE???? Would you wait 'till your engine oil changes color until you changed it ? NO Nor should you wait until your brake oil deteriorate's that much....
  8. depends whether you mean green to slightly darker green or green to black sludge...
  9. Not me . Thats what i pay the big dollars for my mechanic to do . And if by chance i somehow stuff it up i havent void the warrenty.
  10. I could do that if I wasnt a uni bum :D

    hope you dont pay too much for $5 worth of brake fluid and a half hour job :)
  11. I figure some of you know this allread, but if you take ya car/bike into a mechanic and if the b.fluid looks clean you will be lucky if you get the fluid in the resevoir changed. and if it is dirty, dont expect much more.

    too many dodgy fcuks out there. LEARN HOW TO DO IT YASELF!!!!!! it aint all that hard if you are with it.

    do be careful as some high performance cars have gone to synthetic b.fluid. I guess high end bikes will be too. If this is the case do not use traditional dot3/4 as you will more than likely do damage.

    it will say what to use on the cap. but do take notice.
  12. I replace my brake fluids every 4-6 months myself. Brakes are too important to neglect so I tend to change the fluid and inspect the pads more often.

    I've replace my stock Brembo brake nipples with speed bleeders which makes the job so easy.


    They cost about $11.00 each I think, but worth every cent.
  13. I fail to see the need.
  14. The speed bleeder makes the job of changing the brake fluid so easy. It takes 15mins tops to do the front and rear brakes.

    I ride my Aprilia RS250 the way the designers intended the bike to be ridden, so safety is critical for me.
  15. I think they'd be more beneficial for a car, but it'd definitely save some time :)
  16. yes
    the fork oil comes out black (it goes in blue)
    and your front end handles better.....
  17. if your doing the fork oil, make sure you put in the exact amount of oil and correct visocity.

    I use a small cooking measuring cup to put in the correct amount.

    Yes it makes a big difference in handling.
  18. Thanks! I'll be gettin a HEAP of 'em :D

  19. well I might just have to do that soon :D

    although I've always wanted to get the rear shock done rather then the front :)
  20. how do ya top up your fork fluid? It looks like on my right for it is leaking out from the nut on the handlebar