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Brake fluid safe rubber hose

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by SHEPPO, Mar 30, 2010.

  1. G'day,

    Due to installing some Valtar Moto rear set adjustable plates (to move rear sets back 30mm) the hose connecting my rear brake master cylinder, to the resevior is too short.

    I went to Bursons and asked for some brake fluid safe hose in the suitable diameter and got some "emissions" hose. Guy said it was brake fluid safe :-s, so off i went, who was i to argue. Installed it 3 weeks ago, and haven't ridden the bike since. Tonight the bike cover came off and i noticed the hose was "sweating" brake fuid! Obviously not brake fluid safe.

    So..... what hose is brake fluid safe, and where can i get some?


  2. Go to a brake specialist that makes hoses (or Enzed/Pirtek) and either ask them or get them to make you a suitable hose..
  3. +1

    I got new front brake hoses made for a valiant a year or so ago, from memory was only 20/30 bucks a hose.

    edit: got it done at ABS (auto brake specialists)
  4. The "sweating" is just water. Brake fluid is hygroscopic which means it absorbs water from the environment even trying to pull it through your new reservoir hose where it collects.

    I would go to a brake specialist, generally the autoparts stores don't have people who know enough to spec the more critical parts and i think you sensed that when you bought this hose.
  5. You need to use TYGON 2075. Can be found pretty easily if you google it or even look on ebay.
  6. spent a bit of time looking around, and none of my local brake shops, hose specialists, or auto parts stores had anything in stock with a 6mm internal diameter... bummer.

    so the plan is to buy an OEM part from another bike (early R1 should do), and cut it to suit my length.

    thanks for all the replies
  7. Sorry to hi-jack this thread...even if it is 7 months old.

    I had to replace my front brake reservoir and the rubber hose had a tear in it so I couldn't reuse it. I ended up going to a motorcycle shop and the guy in the workshop gave me a fuel line hose.

    This may seem stupid, but would a fuel line hose be able to hold brake fluid in? The line is not under pressure...it's just the reservoir to master hose. I want to double check just in case I start putting in some race brake fluid only for it to be replaced again due to a wrong hose.

  8. Modern fuel hose has to be pretty chemical resistant to cope with some of the crap in unleaded fuels these days. However, none of that crap AFAIK resembles glycol based brake fluid. It might be OK, it might not.

    If you really want to use it, I'd chuck a short length into a jar of old brake fluid for a few days and see if it shows signs of deterioration.
  9. fuel hose will sweat. i tried it.

    buy some Tygon 2075, there's a seller on ebay.com (US seller), that's where i got mine from. had it on the bike for about 6 months and it's perfect still!
  10. Thanks. will get myself another hose :). cheers