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Brake fluid change

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by RussellDP, Nov 2, 2015.

  1. So after riding about 6 weeks after buying a second hand bike, thought it would be a good idea to change the brake fluid, as i have no idea when it was last done.

    Glad i did it now. Check out the old fluid.

    Every two years guys, for those who dont know, brake fluid goes off and absorbs water, leading to possible brake inefficiencies


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  2. Good job on replacing the brake fluid. At least now you can ride with confidence!
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  3. Eww. I can only imagine how it smelled - last time I had fluid looking like that, it smelt like someone had eaten rotten sardines, digested them for a few hours and then vomited them into my brake reservoirs.
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  4. Haha....I didnt go in for the sniff test.....but was that DOT4 vomit?
  5. I can only assume so - it was the first flush after I'd bought that bike, so who knows what the previous owner was using. Could've been used chippy oil for all I knew.
  6. Brake fluid is not that expensive....so long as you change it reasonably often.

    I equate reasonably as once a year.......... OK, I maybe over do it, but, I remember going down to Oran Park, where a mate was doing his observed practice to get a G.C. Licence in a car, but the principle remains, and, after about two laps, his brakes just went total walkabout..... nothing....nada...... not a sausage.

    Dog knows how old the brake fluid was, and it didn't matter..... he had no brakes whatsoever.... not what you need when trying to get a G.C. Licence, or, on a bike, ride safely.
  7. Looks like it, I've put cleaner engine oil than that liquidy stuff. You'd be wise to look over everything else on that bike, I'd be embarrassed to sell a bike in that condition.
  8. I have recently done a full service on it. The oil that was in it was pretty old, otherwise it was pretty ok, but new plugs, oil, oil filter and fuel filter were put in, the air filter was still in great shape.

    Been pretty happy with the bike though, especially for what it cost me, so I have no real complaints, I think she is liking the fact that everything is fresh on it now, plus it gets a regular feed of nice fuel, and a run on the trickle charger about once a week.
    Next step is to fiddle with the suspension a little, as I feel like its not carrying me as well as it could, but I am a 6 foot 4 125 kilo bloke, as opposed to the suspension tune which was possibly set up for someone a few kilos lighter.

    Loving giving the bike a go over
  9. Already did ;-)

    (Seriously though, after the initial once-over it was the most reliable bike I've ever owned. Hope the new owner is enjoying it - and sure as shit I handed it over with pristine fluids and filters.)
  10. 6'4 and 125 kg's on a 250 hyo?? I t must look like your riding a minimoto
  11. It does kinda. More like the michelin man....but im gonna give the bike a performance tune.....by losing some weight....hahaha
  12. ^^^^^ It's a Hyo, you'll spend most of your time pushing it anyway - the weight should drop off you ;)
  13. Good stuff, if you can change one thing it would be the brake-fluid followed by the oil. I shudder when I see high performance bikes with brown brake fluid.
  14. haha...be nice
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  15. The worst case scenario for brake fluid is pretty bad. A guy on the ZX14 forum ran his machine on the track, turned out the bike had sat for a year or more after manufacture before he bought it. It seems as though the fluid accumulated some water, which on about lap 5 boiled and created a steam bubble which meant no brakes. He exited into the sawdust at 200kph and you can imagine the damage.
  16. I was thinking about doing mine tomorrow on a day off. Will definitely do now as I've got no idea when it was last changed.....if ever.