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Brake fittings

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by ibast, Dec 6, 2006.

  1. So I finally got the shits with my fading brake lever and bought a different master cyclinder on the way home.

    Now before it starts:
    Yes; I have braided lines
    Yes; I have put a kit throught the master cyclinder
    Yes; I have put a kit throught the calipers
    Yes; the discs have plenty of thickness.

    There is a theory about that the standard 14mm cylinder on my bike is just no good and too small.

    So I found one of a suzuki, that has a 5/8" piston. All but 16mm in the old money. I'm resigned to the fact that my lever pressure is going to be higher, but I'm not that much of a pussy for it to be a real problem.

    See, the problem is the volume of the standard piston is only enough to "rock" the caliper pistons against the seals, but not enough to make the seals slide in the bores. When the bike sits in the sun all day they pistons move back up the bore and won't come back. The result is I loose lever. I have to clamp the lever every night to get the pistons to move back down the bores and get lever pressure back.

    Obviously when the bores were new, there was no problem, but now it's a problem,.

    So, I get home and go to bolt the new master cylinder on, only to find the banjo bolt doesn't fit. The thread is too fine on the bolt.

    I tried to wack a m10 bolt in both just to see and that doesn't fit. Standard m10 pitch is 1.5.

    A bit of browsing has revieled that standard banjo bolt sizes are m10x1, m10x1.25 and 3/8 unc.

    The existing bolt must be m10x1.

    The "new" master cylinder could be either of the other two.

    so my question is two-fold:

    1 what would be peoples guess on the size of the banjo bolt on a 5/8 master cylinder? My immediate thought would be 3/8, but it is a Suzuki cylinder and the 5/8 is probably an hang over from when the british developed hydraulic brakes and may not reflect the other fittings.

    2. Where would you get a double banjo bolt? I imagine singles would be reasonably easy.
  2. Sorry for the bump, but I'm going to be heading home soon and was hoping for an opinion before then.
  3. I sell these down here in Melbourne so I guess I'm qualified to give you some info.
    I would guess it's more likely to be 1.25 pitch. No guarantee though. Goodridge do also make a couple of imperial thread version's 3/8" and 7/16"
    Prices for metric are $25 for a double or $30 if you want a bleed nipple on the bolt as well.
    Not sure about the imperial version as I have yet to sell one.
    Hope this helps.
  4. Thanks.

    I just remember my old man had som thread guages floating around somewhere, so if it is 1.25, then aI may be in contact.
  5. I blast for double length bolts i used to go to my local hydraulics / fluid power specialist

    M10 metric fine is 1.25 pitch M10 x 1.5 is metric Course M10 x 1 is classed as a super fine or high strength applications

    Shame on you Iblast havent you got a set of screw pitch gauges in the toolbox :LOL:

    Any place that stocks Aerquip fittings braided hoses in lengths and the banjos that go on the end.

    I still go there with the lengths and part numbers and they will happily sell them to you dont mention what its for