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Brake fade

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by powinc1, Nov 4, 2014.

  1. After undertaking an intermediate riding course on my 06 Triumph America, I decided I needed to practice my emergency stopping technique. So I found a nice quiet stretch of bitumen and stopped quickly several times. Until the last time, I ran out of brakes.

    The brake level had no more brake left in it and when I looked at the front caliper is was dripping brake fluid.
    Obviously, I had braked very hard several times and had overheated the fluid, but is this normal?
  2. dripping fluid is not normal, it should never leak out of the caliper.

    was it dripping from the piston seal or the flexible hose fitting ?
  3. No. Brake fade can be exasperated by poor quality or contaminated fluid but it shouldn't be pissing out of the caliper.
  4. It seemed to be leaking out of the bleed nipple.
  5. Then either the bleed nipple is more than likely loose or faulty or the thread is crook.
  6. Cool, I'll go and put a ring spanner on it
  7. Mcsenna is right, plus it could be a bit of dirt on the seat.


    DO NOT just crank on the nipple with a spanner. Brake nipples can be quite soft and you can break them off. Then they are a biatch to get out.

    Pull the nipple all the way out. Clean it and the seat and then put back in. Bleed the brakes and see how you go.
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  8. I just checked the nipple and it was only finger tight. So, I tightened it about 1/2 a turn and I'll keep an eye on it for leaks.
  9. might be worth a bleed as well. I fluid was getting out, air was probably getting in.
  10. +1 what iblast said.....fluid out means usually air in....
    1) if the fluid is more than 2 years old it is due for a flush and replace, not just a bleed.
    2) if the bike is a long term ownership proposition, fit some SS braided brake lines while the system is fluidless - much improved feel and braking power results.
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  11. Thanks guys. Since the bike is newly purchased 2nd hand, I have no idea how old the brake fluid is. so I changed it.

    Replacing the lines might be a job for down the track.
  12. Question is, do they feel ok now ?
  13. Good question, but yes. When I bled the line I could see a bit a dirty fluid come out initially and then flushed the whole line with new fluid and the lever and caliper feels good.

    I might practice some emergency stops again on a quiet road and see if the leak reoccurs?
  14. All good guys the brakes have been working fine now for a couple of weeks .
  15. Loose nipples have been the downfall of many a great man :)
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