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Brake Discs

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Matchstick01, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,

    I've got badly warped front brake discs. I was wondering if anyone could tell me roughly how much i'm in for two new discs on the front, and how much it would cost me roughly from the wreckers for second hand. Its for a cbr250rr.


  2. about 50$ a disc from memory
    u can do better of ebay
  3. it would be about 400/disc OEM and not much less aftermarket. they are 500 on the VTR250. if you go wreckers, be friggin careful mate.
    are you back on your bike yet or still playing with your crutch? :p

  4. sif who pays 400 + for a brake disk.
    some people like getting bent over i guess
  5. yeah for under size rear disk...

    about $370 + per second hand front disk from memory... but now days you can get after market ones for close to that... and they come with pads...
  6. nope for a front disc for a hyo gt
    wasnt undersized either
  7. LOL yeah they are worth about $50... on the other hand CBR250RR disks are harder and harder to come by.. there is one mob in melbourne which can fit new disk on to the old carriers but if the carriers are FUBR than they will not fit them... There is also one mob in QLD that supplies most shops with after market complete disks but very often they sell out of stock... and Honda also sells the originals...
  8. QLD mob is metalworks (made in asia). I bought some for my VFR and instantly had surging under brakes. My mechanic said its common with non SOE so I took the one with 4 thou run out back and had it replaced. New one is OK but there is still faint surging. The other thing to consider (and I only found out once I had bought them) is that the Metalworks units have a steel carrier as opposed to the aluminium one on the Honda OEM. The steel unit is almost twice the weight of the OEM another 600 grams per disc = 1.2 kg of extra unsprung weight on the front wheel. Not happy Jan.
  9. yeah and some people know that chances are the discs are 50 bucks for a reason, and know that the numptie that buys it will get fcuked over anyway :p
  10. I got a pair of Braking rotors for my YZF750, I got 'em cheap but I think they cost about $450 each these days. Well worth it. The Yam discs are warp-o-matics and I think CBRs are not a lot better.
  11. I do like threads like this. They provide wonderful ammunition when Jap bike owners tell me how expensive BMW spares are :grin: .
  12. BMW :\
    drum brakes FTW
  13. I need a new front disc too for my gpx, I'm looking at roughly $300-450 fitted.
    Is it worth getting the genuine Kawasaki one or non-Kawa one which is a little cheaper?

    Ugh... :(
  14. Thats pretty steep for a disc. especially since the gpx discs arnt floating discs and are relativly small.
    Get a metal gear on if ur after new. Should be looking around 200 including pads.
  15. Yes, that is what I am leaning towards. I don't know the brand (possibly EBC?) but it was around $200 with pads + $80 to fit them for the non-Kawa one.
    Does that sound reasonable?
  16. EBC stuff is good quality, its a relativly easy job to install discs. U dont even need to remove the front wheel. I surpose 80 labour is ok.
  17. ive never seen a bike that you dont need to remove the wheel to get the disc off :)