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Brake disc advice plz yukkarnz

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Loz, Apr 6, 2009.

  1. I've got to get a new set of front discs for the Minja soonish... Here's me options so far, in order of price:

    $280 - a pair of new 'Arashi' brand discs from HK off ebay.

    $various - stock discs from US wreckers on eBay - no way to find out disc thickness or check for problems, but some are quite cheap

    $400-500 - pair of used stock discs from Aussie wrecker

    $550 - pair of EBC prolite contour rotors from the States on eBay

    $lots - new stock or aftermarket discs from Australia


    Has anyone ehard of these Arashi discs before? Brand new discs would be nice I reckon, but I'm bollocksed if I can find any information about them. What are the potential issues with cheap Honkie discs? Warping under heat? Fast wear? Safety issues?

    Any opinions on the EBC discs versus used OEM ones? There's some reasonably low-km stock discs around at various wreckers, but then I guess you never do know with used discs.

  2. If you're planning on keeping the Minja for some time yet, then you'll probably get your dosh out of the EBC's. Unsure about the Arashi ones, braking isn't something I'd like to cut corners on too much.
  3. Metal Gear seem pretty good quality, comes with brake pads to suit the disc material. Not sure on the price but I' expect floating discs to retail for under $200 each with pads.

    Their stocks are very good, they come down overnight from Queensland.
  4. Cheers blokes. I just rang Metal Gear Johnny and they want $640 for a pair, I reckon I'd go the EBC ones over that. Unless you have any contacts... :grin: Any other suggestions?
  5. I'm at home today(sick) so I can't get any info, but I'll see what I can do tomorrow :wink:
  6. Nice one Caz, cheers!

    Not cheap these disc jiggers. 1997 ZX9R btw.
  7. What do you need brakes for anyways Loz? Just dig your heels in.
  8. Do you actually brake Loz? :LOL:
  9. No it's more like why does Loz need front brakes :? didn't think they'd work or wear with the front wheel in the air so often :p
  10. I have to plan ahead Azz, one day that wheel may have to come down.
  11. Let me know how ya go Loz as i am in need of a set of discs for the 02 zx9
    They only have 140,000 on them but i thought mmmm maybe they need replacing :wink:
  12. Aint that the truth :shock:
    $300 per disc retail, even if ya get pads, that's pricey :?
  13. MAN! a price of a new Disc is like the price of the full service for my watch! $445!
  14. It's all good, I might just actually get this lot machined. They may not be roadworthy, but at least they'll stop a-pulsin'. :)

  15. Yeah he does but his brakes lights only work on the fcuking rear brake!,which he hardly ever uses...fix that too ya bastard I almost had a heart attack on the potato ride chasing you up tight twisty roads :LOL:
  16. I'd be interested to know what it costs you to get done. Last time I asked around it was going to cost hundreds to get two done. :shock:
  17. I dragged all the electrics out in search of the problem, and roughly worked out which section of wire the issue was in, before cracking the shits and thinking bugger it, I'll just use the rear. I kinda like being able to slow down fast in town without it looking like I am.

    Anyway, when I put it back together (not having done anything!) it worked again, for about a week. F*cking electrics, I will never understand thee. Most people who can follow me for any length of time tend to overtake and nick off pretty quickly!
  18. OEM discs are good. Gooder than most aftermarket stuff.