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Brake caliper/banjo bolt washers

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Captain Seven, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. Noticed my front brake caliper was leaking fluid this morning.

    Investigation showed that is was coming from the banjo bolt. I tightened it up, but there was nearly no play left in the bolt. Thinking I might need new washers in between the banjo joint and the bolt.

    Question: Should the washers be made out of any particular metal?
  2. I believe that they are usually made out of copper, but don't quote me, it's a long time since I've worked on my brakes.
  3. The ones that came with my aftermarket (HEL) lines were copper. I don't remember what the stock ones were.
  4. copper or alloy
  5. car parts places have copper and/or aluminium ones for sump plugs.

    Take yours there and see.

    Or clean yours up on some wet and dry on a flat surface.
  6. Copper, because it's nice and soft.
  7. Copper or alloy.

    Don't think cleaning them will work because they are usually crush washers. Once they have been used there is a risk they won't re-seal a second time. If they are leaking just replace them. Mine cost about 20c each.

    However I would have thought if they were tightened correctly (and most mechanics are particularly careful to do brakes right) they are highly unlikely to fail. Sure it isn't a seal within the calliper?

    If you replace them you will need to bleed the brake liness after, which can be fiddly on some bikes.
  8. Guys I know I'm being a bit of an engineer here, but can you guys please stop using the word alloy for aluminium?

    Alloy is actually Steel Alloy and therefore not aluminium.
  9. Actually, "alloy" means a mixture of metals, which could include aluminium, copper, whatever.

    Oh, and steel in itself is an alloy of sorts.

    (how's that for hijacking a thread...?)
  10. Doug and I were the last to play with the brakes. The piston seals were replace only weeks ago. When I squeezed the brake lever, the fluid was clearly coming out in between the bolt and washer. I'll get a couple washers asap..
  11. Copper washers are the only ones I've ever come across on
    brake lines.
  12. They used to always be copper. Nowdays they are just as likely to aluminium or alloy.

    I suspect it's due to all the anti-copper ranting in the Netrider BP meet threads.
  13. Nice, I'll pay that one. =D>