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Brake bleeding

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by deyago, Apr 21, 2005.

  1. Howdy,

    I need to bleed the brakes and want to know more about the vacuum type tools that some people have to draw the fluid out.

    PS in Nth Melbourne have one that runs on a small motor to draw it out but I was wondering if there was a cheaper, manual action alternative.

    Given I have this linked brake set up on the Viffer it isn't such a straight forward procedure to bleed them. The front's easy enough but to bleed the rear and the joining lines is a pain.

    I employ the "twist the nipples, loosen the screws and give it a good squeeze" technique for the front, and the clutch incidentally. This works fine but as I mentioned the linking makes it harder.

    Any other techniques or ideas would also be appreciated.

  2. It can't be that hard, I've done the front brakes and clutch without a worry. It's just never having done the rear or the bits that link the F&R I'm not sure of the best procedure.

    To be honest I'm not even sure when I'll get to it, just getting ready for it. Have you done the whole system Marty?

    The syringe idea is great, I'll have to see where I can get one.
  3. You can often buy the syringes at some of the better equipped petrol stations too (I am thinking of the Shell in Mount Waverley on stephenson's road) - when you walk in the door take a look down and to the right and there they are.
  4. I find the easiest way is to use a 'speed bleed' nipple.

    These have a one way valve inside of them.

    Once fitted, its just a matter of slowly pumping the lever...

    While your squeezing the lever, the nipple lets the fluid/air bleed out into a container, then when you release the lever the valve closes and forces the system to draw fresh fluid from the resevoir.

    Make sense?

    Anyways have a look at this...


    Thats where I got mine from.

  5. They sound handy, but another time perhaps - bills, bills bills....

    I'm more interested in anyone who has used a vacuum system and, specifically, changing the brake fluid in a VFR w/ linked brakes.
  6. Alright chuckles, you know you aren't helping! :shock: :LOL:

    Ah stuff it, I'll get a quote and see if the cost is less than the expected annoyance factor - yes I am slack :p .

    OK, anyone (BESIDES Marty) have any encouraging advice?

    Bloody linked brakes...... :roll:
  7. Take it to a dealer. About $80 to bleed them. Marty was a nuff nuff to do it himself, not worth it in my book. Or trade it for a VTR and put braided's on it :LOL:
  8. Hmmm, $80 versus skinned knuckles, swearing and stuffing around and having to drink much beer while doing it.......Well I can still drink the beer. 8)
  9. Yeah, but how often are you likely to do it? And it will still take you about as much time to do it as a mechanic will take, let alone the 10's of hours it took you to do it in the first place. It depends how much your own time is worth to you really. Mine is worth more than $80 once in a blue moon :) I'll go achieve something else :wink: