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brake bleeding problems

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by blue, May 26, 2006.

  1. brakes were getting a bit soft so I thought i 'll bleed them. hmmm didnt workout like I thought. flushed the fluid out and put new fluid in there and now I've been pumping the pedal for ages but i am not getting any pressure. probably air stuck somewhere. gave up for today and will try agai n tommorrow. any suggestions??

    the brakeline from the master goes to the right caliper first and then to the left one.is there any order I should do them in?
  2. In theory you are supposed to do the caliper that is furtherest away from the master cylinder and then move closer.
    I had the same problem when doing my breaks, and that is lack of pressure, mind you mine feeds in to a junction box and then to the calipers.
    Found that the only way I could get pressure up (This was after a master cylinder overhaul) was to bleed a section at a time.
    EG: From master cylinder to first hose connection (the one that goes into the master cylinder) as this seemed to be that main problem, was air staying in this area. Then joint by joint till you finally arrive at the caliper bleeder nipple.
    Something that is worth noting for the future, don't empty the fluid from the master cylinder first, pump some out but not all, then start putting in new fluid and start bleeding, keep topping the cylinder up, once clean new fuild comes out of the bleeder on the caliper it is done.
    But I think in this case you will find the air is trapped in the master cylinder.
    Hope this helps.
  3. you are the second person to suggest air trapped in the master cylinder. will give it a try first thing in the morning. thanks for that.

    I did spill brake fluid on my wheel which is black. wiped it after. hope it doesnt turn grey or something in the morning :(
  4. For brake fuild spills and anything painted, flush with large volumes of water straight away. But I'm guessing that wheels should be able to cope with this.
    Also, always have plenty of rags stuffed in and covering parts just incase fuild is spilt and not noticed. Learnt this one the hard way. :(
  5. spent another hour today. got heaps of bubbles out of the master cylinder. theres heaps more pressure than compared to yesterday (was getting nothing) but its still not back the way I like it i.e. two finger stopping power. also they feel a bit wooden at the moment. can't figure out where else can there be air trapped.
    will try again tomorrow. almost gave up, my patience is bieng tested.my car never took this long to bleed.

    then again my car doesn't make smile as much
  6. Best brake bleeding tip.

    Pump the buggery out of the lever, holding it in on the last pump, then tie it back to the bar overnight. Repeat a few nights in a row.

    Same goes for the foot pedal.

    The problem is air rises and you'll never be able to push it all the way down to the calipers.

    Get most of it the traditional way, then try above.

    As best as I can guess what happens is the air can get past the master cylinder under prolonged pressure, but the brake fluid can't.

    I was skeptical at first but it works.