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Brake advice.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by natta, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. Hi,

    Just thought i would put in some advice on brake, since i am doing my mates and my own bike at the moment.

    Most peoples brake system is highly neglected. Have looked at about 4 bikes, and all had real dirty fluid and were really spongy. One reason could be that when getting bikes serviced, the only thing the mechanic really looks at are the brake pads. Brake fluid is neglected cause most manuals recommend 2 years that i think is rediculous,

    Some general advice:
    1. Check ur brake fluid for discolouration often, even a little bit of muck/dirt can effect ur brakes. Also level of fluid
    2. Change the fluid it often to be safe. its cheap and makes a huge difference.
    3. Get a can of brake cleaner and clean out ur calipers often.(even with the brakes still mounted) Most pads leave alot of dust. Being able to see the caliper pistons is a huge ++. Reason for point 3 is i removed my mates calipers to find the caliper seals just hanging in the brake, not sealing the piston. Making the brakes really spongy.
    4. Check for leaks. Can be seen from discoloration of pain surfaces. Also parts where dirt has stuck to leaking luid.
    5. Bleed the system more often then not. A little bit of air in ur system can make the difference in stopping in 50m rather then 70m.
    6. brake pads, running the pads lot past there wear marks can cause stress on the system.

    This is just some general advice that i think could help people out. Most things can be done in 1/2hr. make a huge difference.

    Good brakes = safer.