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Brake advice please

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by nobby, Oct 2, 2005.

  1. Need to check and possibly replace the brake pads front and back on the ZZR250, have done the job on cars before and I'm not too useless with a spanner. Is there anything I need to be aware of that is different to replacing brake pads on the car, or am I better off paying the mechanic to do the job?

    thanks in advance
  2. Best option is to get a workshop manual and check the steps required and see if your up to it :)
  3. Go for it. Knowledge in the fact that you saved yourself some moolah and successful DIY can work wonders on the ego! Sounds like you are more than capable.

    Once the calipers are off DON'T let them dangle, try to keep them as close to the area they came off as possible to ensure that any air bubbles don't travel back up the line to the lever. Take the old pads out, slide the new ones in, and remember (just as on cars) don't let the gap between the pads close, or else you will have to jimmy them open with a screwdriver or similar (not good for the pads!). Your little bit of DIY will also turn into a nightmare if anyone grabs a fistful of brake lever and the pads close on you! With just a pad change you will not need to bleed the system, so if it feels heaps different at the lever, you will know something is up. Remember that new pads can take a while to bed in as well, run around for a while dragging the brakes to help with this.

    Probably best to do the rear first, as if you get into any trouble(!) you can leave the pad out and bolt down to a dealer using just the front brakes. It really is a simple job, and once you have done it yourself you always will!
  4. thanks for assist Cammo, will have a go at these tonight and see what's up.....
  5. not sure about the zzr, i'd grab a service manual if you can find one..

    but on my thundercat the procedure was
    1. remove clip
    2. old pads out
    3. new pads in
    4. replace clip

    and some new brake fluid if you havent done it before :)
  6. Another suggestion...
    For the start, use a spray-pack of brake-cleaner (auto/ bike-shops) to clean down the calipers. Stops messing around with gunk and old brakedust which might well get onto the new pads as the whole shebang is filthy with it.

    You might not even have to take the calipers off, often pads slide into place by only removing the securing pin/ pins holding a spring-plate in place.
    In any case, remove the old pads carefully and s l o w l y, checking thouroughly for their locating/ arresting mechanism, as well as any metal-backing-plates (which might need to be put onto the new pads before re-assembly) and any other locating/ anti-squeal springs (some are tiny).

    As said above, it's not hard, but spending a bit of time in the first place can save lots of it lateron, if parts are leftover with no real indication where they came from/ where they belong.

    Good time to check the discs (feel surfaces for gouging/ measuring thickness with micrometer or verniers) and swap brake fluid (if it's older than about 2 years).
    If they're floating discs (carrier-inner fixed to the outer rotor via big hollow rivets, called buttons) check for a tiny bit of slack between the 2 parts of the disc. There should be...a bit of movement with an audible click-clack when the 2 parts are moved against aechother.
    If not, the buttons might be too tight, indicating slight warpage of the rotor.
  7. hey nobby, i got my hands on a pdf workshop manual (which i photocopier at work) for the gpx/baby zzr, so let me know if you want to pick that up to borrow while you do the pads

    Cheers Stewy
  8. thanks for all the advice guys, did the brakes last night for a total cost including brake fluid of $55.. compared to 2 quotes I got for $122 and $135 plus GST..

    Stewy I down loaded that manual too, very very handy..
  9. Assuming you remove the calipers - I highly recomend some of the semi strength loctite to put in the caliper bolt threads and the pad clip bolt thread when doing it all back up again. You should be able to get it at any tool place or Repco/autobahn equivalent.


  10. PDF of the workshop manual for a zzr is as scare as hens teeth i do believe, if you get your hands on it can you upload it to someone on here so it can be past around, would be appreciated.
  11. Try hunting down a manual / service manual for a bike that doesn't exist according to some insurance companies, was never sold in Australia (or anywhere other than Japan!), and requires black magic to tune & balance the carbs!

    PS. I was referring the FZR... incase someone missed it.