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Brainstorm session - Netriders, I need your ideas!

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by I Adore Vic, May 23, 2007.

  1. For those that don't know, I'm planning on opening a store that sells riding gear for women. Of course, whether I do or not depends on a number of factors of which I'm currently researching.

    One of my tasks is to come up with a business name. This is proving to be more difficult than I thought. I keep coming up with stuff bordering on lame....nothing is good enough...most of it is laughable. :oops: Okay...

    Sooo ....I was wondering whether anyone out there had any suggestions as to what I could call this business.

    If you've any ideas, Id love to hear them...alternatively, I'm happy for you all to Brainstorm .... post as many words as you can that are associated with 'riding', 'gear', 'females' etc etc.

    All thoughts/ideas would be appreciated. :) I don't care how silly you think they may seem! And if I do choose yours, I promise to remember your contribution should I ever achieve my goal. :)

    Thanks all

    Mods - I wasn't sure whether this should go in Business and Service Providers, or Off-topic. Apologies if it's in the wrong forum.
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  3. Dykes on Bikes?


    Fair enough.
  4. err... :LOL:

    phizog - Thanks for the link. :) Some of those synonyms are suss - eg. cupcake? :LOL: Wench? :rofl:


    The name doesn't have to say everything - eg..'women's motorcyling gear'.

    It can be as simple as 'Motogirl' or something or other.

    Anyone?? :)
  5. Hell for leather..........

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. I like it!

  7. show us your t.....

    oh never mind
  8. I like it too Andrew...can imagine a kickass logo to go with it too :grin: - but I'll be stocking non-leather items as well and I'm worried such a name would paint an incomplete pic of the business.

    Also, some people may think I'm someone else - www.hellforleather.net ;) :LOL:

    bly said:
    Show us your taillight?? What's wrong with that? :cool: :p
  9. Hell for Leather.........and textiles!

    Regards, Andrew. :LOL:
  10. yeah show us yer textiles

    thats what I was gunna say
  11. Why not motogirl? says everything it needs to...go for it Rosie. :grin: :biker:
  12. Fembods

    Leather n' chains

    Spank me if you can!

    Does this rJays make my arse look big? :rofl:

    Biker Babes

    Cruising Gals (sorry cruisingal!)

    Slippery when wet

    - Oh the Pooh is on fire!!!! :LOL:
  13. What about Rosie's leathers?
  14. Angel gear


    Tit Bits :p

    Sorry for the that last one.... dont know where that one came from.
    sounds like a good project Rosie. Best of luck. :wink:
  15. *BlingChicks*
    cos it's not just about the bike
    make bikes look good
  16. Actually Motogirl rocks, it's also brandable... u could end up with it's own product line!

    Unfortunately Google shows that it's already a used name for motorcycle gear...


    Ok... thinking cap on... Moto chique is taken, but Biker Chique, or Bikey Chique isn't!



  17. I actually like Motominx
  18. How about "Girly gear"?
    Not everything about bikes has to be manly.. "Not so Grunt"
    "Smooth" or "Pink Bits"? catchy maybe?
    "Vibe" "Vybe"maybe a reference to the best thing you've had between your legs??
    oooooooh! "Pink Ninja" or something similar with a nice ZZR type logo?
    "V7" ?
    "Team V motorcycles" ? would look good if you got to sponsoring a woman racer down the track, and the V does represent femininity in some scholarly and cultural circles.
  19. "Rosie Gear" A rose in the logo?
    "Thorn" Who needs a rose? and easily brandable.
    "Bitchin" Comeon thats gotta be the best brandname and easily remembered, to the point and sounds tough as guts. Conveys attitude, and carefree.

    I've got the prodigy on the radio, and its 2 am, so bear with me, but I'll see what else I can come up with for you to play around with.
  20. "Girly bits"
    "No blokes"
    "Lady luck"
    "MotorPshycol" Sorry, just a word that comes to mins when i think of the wife on a motorcycle. :LOL:
    "Bikes and Birds" or vice versa