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Brain damaged girl sues KFC

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by 2up, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. Brain damaged girl sues KFC
    Monday, August 03, 2009 » 07:17pm

    A once bright girl is now effectively a quadriplegic and severely brain damaged after eating a KFC chicken twister', a judge hearing her $10 million damages case has been told.

    But KFC denies Monika Samaan, then aged seven, developed salmonella poisoning from the sandwich-style product, bought on October 24, 2005, at its Villawood outlet, in Sydney's west.

    The girl's barrister, Anthony Bartley SC, referred to 'disturbing and unsettling' evidence about KFC food practices, noting that an internal assessment concluded the Villawood outlet was at the 'breakdown' level in June 2005.

    Monika, now 11, has taken the NSW Supreme Court action through her father, Amanwial Samaan, who, along with her mother and brother, was also hospitalised after sharing the twister.

    '(Monika) has been left, in effect, as a quadriplegic,' Mr Bartley said on Monday in his opening address.

    'She has gone from being an extremely bright little girl to someone with very limited mental capacity indeed.

    'It was thought for some days by the hospital that she would not in fact survive.'

    Mr Bartley told Justice Stephen Rothman he would hear of methods designed to prevent salmonella and descriptions of washing methods for raw chickens.

    The 16-year-old in charge of cooking at the Villawood outlet had described part of his duties as removing 'feathers, foreign objects and blood bits' from the raw chickens, Mr Bartley said.

    'Your honour will hear that, if the store was particularly busy, then even if chicken dropped on the floor near the burger station, then it was on some occasions simply put back into the burger station from where it had fallen,' he said.

    That evidence would come from those working at the time at other KFC stores and at Villawood, which was not a franchise but 'their own internal operation', he said.

    'In relation to the performance of this particular store, in August 2005, your honour will hear a group of 10 or more people who bought KFC from the Villawood store fell ill with vomiting and diarrhoea.'

    A 'competing source' of the food poisoning was chicken schnitzel prepared by Mr Samaan on the weekend of October 22 and 23, but Mr Bartley rejected this as being the culprit.

  2. as if you needed a reason NOT to eat Kentucky-Fried rabbit....
  3. a friend of mine refers to it as 'dirty bird'

    pretty accurate i guess
  4. You should eat KFC once a year to remind you why you don't eat KFC.
  5. can i sue the asain take away now for giving me e coli the last few days

    neeeeeeeeeeeever again
  6. My money is on the home made schnitty.
  7. I always thought that KFC was Kentucky Fried Cat....
  8. Agreed since no one else apart from this family seemed to get sick.
  9. According to the rest of the article:

    From the ABC

    More complicated than at first meets the eye and 3 news sources all carry the same story but with totally different information.
  10. True or not, I have to say that is one of the more ludicrous things I have heard in my life.

    A friend of mine did get quite sick from the KFC in my area and the place was shut down for quite sometime. I guess you would have to be pretty unlucky though.
  11. KFC must be good. It made Johnny O into the great Man that he is today.
  12. *Salmonellosis takes 12 to 72 hours to present symptoms.

    *The vast majority of cases present within the 48-72 hour time frame.

    *8 out of 10 FP cases happen within the family kitchen.

    *The chicken schnitzel consumed was over a 2 day period, suggesting the chicken may have spent 2 days in the family fridge, with little to no chance of being kept within the safe temperature zone of <5.

    My money is still well and truly on the Schnitty.
  13. Me too. KFC is pressure cooked in oil. That will even kill a Cockroach.
  14. This story reminds me of the one about the coogee bay hotel, wasn't it something to do with shitty ice cream or similar....

    The family is out to get there 2cents worth as such....
  15. This does not make sense.
  16. Safe smafe. In China, I used to eat meat that had been sitting around all afternoon at the local market in 35 degree heat. Never got ill.

    I don't see how chicken sitting in the fridge for two days will be dangerous.
  17. Me too. The difference is I shat my hole off the whole time and for a month after returning home :mad:

    ...I was too scared to fart :(

  18. Joel, I called the Colonel and he wants you to represent him for the courts!
  19. lol*

    Lord almighty that does not sound pleasant at all. The opposite happened to me when I came home. Because bread in China is like chewing rubbish, I had so my roughage in my diet when I came home to Aus that I was more or less pushing out bricks.

    That's what you get going from incredibly dodgey Chinese pork stir fries straight on to ozzie weetbix for brekkie.

    Sorry for the in depth descriptions but it's just a warning.
  20. to back Joel up.

    Food safety regulations state that food must not be between 5degrees and 65 degrees for more than 4 hours in total. that includes the time from about 5 mins after you add it into your shopping trolley till you get home, and approximately 30 mins after you put it in the fridge. Then there is the time while you prep it, cook it, talk to your family before you eat it...

    You Do not get sick from the Bacteria, you get sick from the Toxins created by the Bacteria. Cooking the food kills the Bacteria, but if the Bacteria count is high enough.... you will get sick from the toxins. My money is on the Schnitzel as well. Irregardless of the cause, which after 10 years... would be impossible to pinpoint, the emotional side will probably sway perception.

    And there are some bacteria which can survive and reproduce at tempereatures over 400 degrees.

    I am a trained Chef, I am also a qualified Food Safety Supervisor, and well over a decades experience in these matters.