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Braidwood - Nerriga Road Conditions?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Tone2, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. I'll be heading from Canberra to Gerroa on Friday afternoon. I've been on the Braidwood-Nerriga road in the car 12 months or more ago, this time I'll be on the bike. Anyone been that way recently? Just interested in the condition of the 20km or so of unsealed road.

  2. If you go Tarago and Oallen, there is only 4km of dirt, rather than go all the way down to Braidwood and across, which has more dirt and is longer too. It has been wet, but the road shouldn't be too bad. Nerriga to Nowra is a blast on a bike!
  3. As Lucyfer said go through Tarago and Ollen Ford. The 4km unsealed section is fine, if on a road bike take it a bit easy. I went through in the cage a week ago and no surprises. And yes heading into Albatross from Nerriga on the bike is great, some nice views and lots of fast sweepers with good sight lines, enjoy!
  4. I did it a couple of months ago, small 4km dirt bit but other than that its all good.
  5. Thanks for the responses, sounds good!
  6. Good ride today, I enjoyed the Tarago to Nerriga section the most I think. About 2.4km dirt, I think they're slowly sealing it. Could ride 60km/h on the gravel.
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  7. I rode the braidwood - nerriga section a couple of weeks ago (midweek) and they were grading the first section on the braidwood side to the hill. from there on to nerriga it was positively harsh and bumpy but fun.