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braided lines....?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by dje, Jan 3, 2008.

  1. Errr... ok so this is probably gonna turn out to be a dumb question...

    But braided lines for motorbikes are basically the same kind of lines you could get from a plumbers supply shop or hardware store... for probably under $50.

    So whats the big difference that we have to pay (around) $200?

  2. Something to look into, keep it posted mate
  3. I guess the question is whether the stuff from the plumbers shop is safe for use with brake fluid. Plus the braided bike kits are the correct length and come with all the necessary fittings which would add to the cost (try looking at the prices for bikes with anti-dive brakes :shock:). Might be cheaper to make your own, but there'll always be people willing to pay for the convenience and safety of proper braided lines, and the limited market means profit margins would be high.
  4. Are you sure it's the same? For example, what is the temperature stability coefficient of both?
    What is the pressure expansion ratio for both?
    How about petrochemical resistance factors?
  5. Yeah all tyres are black so why am i paying for metzler sports tyres and not putting on some maxxis or shinko tyres :shock: Oh thats right i like my life and my bike :wink:
  6. Well if the Lines dont have that pretty little ADR approved tag on them and you have an accident, well for starters consider your insurance void.
  7. yep, some good points...
    Im pretty sure its the same material used, and the fittings are available to buy anyway, if you were able to connect them the right way though. Finding the right length for your bike would hardly be a prob either... but yeah, like z900 & razor-cbr were basically getting at... not worth it.

    Then again, speaking of insurance...
    If we change any little thing on your bike (to something not stock) we are supposed to tell our insurance company about it (which can then alter how much we pay)... & there's plenty out there that will void our insurance, if they decide to be anal about it.
    (So ive heard anyway...)
  8. This is probably covered in another thread, to a degree you're right,
    it depends on how the change affects the incident.

    For example, removing those poxy-looking reflectors probably
    won't affect insurance much in case of a theft or fire, or if you run
    wide on a corner and fall off...
    but if a car runs into your bike at night while parked, you're screwed.

    If you don't tell them you've got a Yoshi exhaust, and someone unscrews
    it and steals it, the pipe ain't covered...

    Of course, brake quality is pretty important, and will obviously be a factor
    in almost every insurance claim for crash.

    In the end I think if you did this mod you'd just be very very
    disappointed in the performance of your "plumbing brakes",
    and change them back to stock or proper hydraulic braided hose...

    As an aside, I checked at one of those hose places that custom makes
    brake lines for cars, trucks, bikes, etc.
    Cost was a LOT more than a pre-packaged HEL braided line kit.
  9. It's not the actual line that costs the $$ it's the fittings. Add the fact that they should be ADR compliant and that pushes the cost up.
    I noticed one companys lines, while initially very cheap, pushed up the prices once they went ADR.
  10. HEL brake lines are the way to go.. Also Goodrich are another reputable brand..

    With Inure My Ride, you just pay the extra few bucks and cover your mods up to $2k. They were more excited than me when i told them i had added pipes etc..

    Some insurance co's dont allow mods, and wont cover you..
  11. I'm pretty sure that the current ADR accepts SAE and BS marked lines as well (updated not so long ago).

    It'd be worth checking the ADR itself at DoTaRs website. They had 'em available for download last time I looked.
  12. Thanks for the tip PatB.

    It looks like the old ADR 7/00 for brake hose has been incorporated into ADR 42/004 section 15 which states that ADR hoses have to comply with SAA (Australian), SAE (American), BS (British), JIS (Japanese), DIN (German), ISO (International Standards Organisation) or ECE (UN, Economic Commission for Europe) standards for flexible brake for hydraulic hose. I think the relevant Standards Australia standard for hydraulic hose is AS 3791-1991 from checking the Standards Australia website and from reading the preview available the SAA standard is based on the SAE one.

    So I guess this means you can use hoses made overseas as long as they have the Standards organisation name and the relevant standard code printed on them, just as ADR compliant hoses needs to have ADR42 printed on them.

    I am no expert though and would check with an automotive engineer that’s this is the correct reading before arguing with an insurer after an accident and quoting ADR42/004 at them.
  13. We had better get Pro Pilot on to this.
  14. You had to say it didn't you :eek:hno: :blah: :bolt:
  15. I just can't help myself, sometimes. Sorry Bob.
  16. i highly recommend the HEL braided lines. i got a set for my f4i for not much more than non compliant lines. but they are specifically made to suit, with beautifully anodised fittings, colour coded sleeve, crush washers, etc...

    the adr tag is pretty obvious, and now that i know what i looks like, lines without the tag are pretty obvious too. if you want a good deal on HEL lines, see troy at race replica and tell him i said he'd look after you. :grin:
  17. I got some braided lines for my trx as well. The quality is great, the guy from hel (can't remember his name) was also able to do some slight custom work for me as well, it was no biggy (just adapting the line lowers to my r1 calipers) but he did it without fuss and for the same price. I'd recommend anyone looking for braided lines to have a look at hel. :cool:
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  19. Had a braided line bust under my bathroom sink under normal water pressure it was a whole year old, buy the right hose for the right application.
  20. Was gonna try the 'cheaper alternative' ( UK import or get Nordens to make em up ( Earls I think ). The ADR thing got my thinking, so thanks to another NR's recomendation I've ordered a Goodridge line from TW Performance. Should be fitting it up next week. I'm keen to feel the difference, if any, to my old stock brake line.