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Braided Lines Help

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by gav.888, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. Anyone have a contact in Melbourne that can make braided lines to a custom length ?

    Have found plenty of retailers who are happy to charge $120 a line and job it out and plenty of Brake "specialists" who will make lines with car components.

    I want braided lines with bike size hose and bike size fittings made to a custom length without having to pay the bike shop markup ! Any suggestions.

  2. i just got some Hel lines, and i know on there website , they can do custome lengths! try them if u havnt already
  3. Another vote for HEL. Service is good, and everything they make has ADR approval (which means never having to argue legality with some over-zealous cop on the side of the road).
  4. ^^ I got a set of lines for my bike - front and back - and HEL have sent me the wrong back line TWICE now and it's taken over 3 weeks to get the wrong one's sent to me. Not very happy with them :(
  5. I just got HELs on mine - ADR approved and as mentioned they do custom lengths. 2 race lines shipped were $90 all up for me, def worth a look at least.

  6. Put a rocket up them. Complain to them and ask what are they going to do to make up for the inconvenience.
  7. Thanks for the link to the HEL site, they even have lines for my old CB750, so I can get rid of the truck sized line splitter mounted on the bottom triple tree.

    BTW - I have now worked out how to use banjo's to mount up my indicators...
  8. I just finished installing HEL lines on the front and rear of my bike. After having my first test ride today I can say my only regret is that I did not get them sooner. The lever feel that they gave me over the stock lines was like night and day. I was never really happy with the brakes previously, the lever always felt a bit soft and spongey, with a fair amount of travel before you could really fell their effect. Now, none of that, I really could not believe lines would make such abig difference.