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Braided Brakelines

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Paulie, Dec 4, 2006.

  1. Hey All,

    Stupid question I had a quick search but couldnt find the answer so here goes...

    My zxr400 front brake is quite useless, I have plenty of pad left and the disk seems fine, just doesnt seem to pull up too well, compared to the old gpx250.... so my question is.... what do braided brakelines ACTUALLY do, are they easily to install and approximately how much are they?

    Stupid question I know :oops:
  2. Normal brake lines will expand slightly when you brake hard, braided lines won't - so they give better "feel" and will transfer slightly more pressure to the pads. Although if the bike's currently running asbestos pads you'll get a bigger increase in braking performance for less $$$ simply switching to sintered metal pads (downside being that rotor wear will increase).
  3. This might be asking the obvious but have you had a look and bled the air out of the front brake lines???

    I had a similar situation on the old XS250 i used to ride, plenty of brake pads left and discs were mint, it was just a bit of air in the line that was causing the pads not to clamp completly down tight.
  4. Yeah good point, air in the fluid will definately reduce braking - so to will brake fluid that's been in the bike for too long (anything more than 12 months).
  5. Actually that's three stupid questions! :p

    But thanks for asking I wanted to know the answer to! :oops:
  6. To add to what EACRUISER said about bleeding your brakes, how long has it been since the brake fluid was replaced? If you dont know the answer then you should replace the fluid with brand new and then bleed the lines, if your still not happy then look to replacing the pads with better quality sintered pads, I dont know what is available for your bike but I use EBC HH pads and they are great especially once they get a bit of heat into them.
  7. Only had the bike a month or so, it had a major service about 1,000kms before I bought it and so now its done maybe 3000kms since service. I shall check that out thanks guys.... but hey how much are the braided worth anyways?
  8. Check if braided brake lines are legal in your state if you are fussy about legality. Here in WA they are illegal unless there is an ADR for your specific vehicle. My BMW has legal braided hoses because the factory fitted them, but if I fit them to my Ducati (which I fully intend to do), they will be illegal unless Ducati had that model ADR'd with them fitted. It's stupid I know, but I have heard of modified cars being given defect notices for non-original braided lines, (but no bikes...yet).
  9. Depends who gave it the "Major Service" some of the bastards cant be trusted, they simply dont do the things that should be done, bleed them and see if you get any air bubbles, wouldnt hurt to change the fluid anyway then you will know you have new stuff.
    Does your bike have twin disks on the front or single?