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Braided brake pipes for 09 CB 400 Honda

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by bradr, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. Does anybody know who sells braided brake lines for my 09 CB400 ? .

  2. Why would it need it?
  3. What do you mean Rob? My understanding of braided lines is that they give several benefits:

    - they don't wear out and need replacing every couple of years (which you're supposed to do with rubber lines I believe)
    - they don't soften and get spongy when they are hot etc
    - they give better feel than the rubber ones.

    I'm happy to hear your opinion on them. I'm only going on information I've been given on them.
  4. I'm curious what's driving the OP. Braided lines are bling in some cases, or the first solution to a perceived braking problem in others.

    "Normal" brake lines don't need to be replaced every couple of years and can actually provide adequate service for the life of the bike. Braided lines are effectively the same kind of rubber but with a metallic interwoven braid to help resist swelling/expanding under pressure. They just help direct more of the lever effort into the calipers as opposed to expanding the lines.

    Brake fading is usually nothing to do with the hose, but more to do with boiling fluid - so you will get fade with braided lines too.

    The "feel" argument is a fairly subjective one too, but hey, riding is partly about feel, so I'm not taking the piss out of it.

    FWIW, I put braided lines on my road bike, but mostly because I got in on an awesome group buy on KSRC. I didn't notice a jot of difference though.

    As for the OP's question - you can get cheap braided lines in many places, but if they don't have the ADR banding on them, you **could** render your insurance void. Superbikesupply offer a reasonable price.
  5. Just going on the recommendations of many bikes service manuals. They often say to change the brake lines every 2-4 years etc... not saying many people DO that (or really need to).

    This was not my understanding of this. I was under the impression that the heat from the fluid caused the rubber to soften, thereby allowing it to expand more (so less braking power). Braided lines don't swell, so improves the brakes under heat/strain.... happy to be corrected. I'm very much a noob at these things.

    Anyway, I now understand where you're coming from with your question to the OP. Cheers.
  6. The reason i want braided lines is to get more bite from the brakes , with normal flexible hoses a certain amount of brake strength is lost through the expansion of the flexible hose when the brakes are applied , i wasn't so concerned about all the in's/outs/pro's/cons , was really just wanting to know where the best place to purchase braided lines ????? , .

  7. Minglis, I don't know whether manuals do call for replacing lines?! You're going to make me look when I get home!

    True brake fade is scary shit. Even if the brake lines warmed up near the calipers and expanded with pressure, you'd still get braking effort. When the fluid is boiling though, that's a whole other story. That's why manuals suggest you replace the brake FLUID every year or two... brake fluid absorbs water and lowers it's boiling point. Don't skimp on replacing the fluid. It's the first thing I'd recommend when buying a second hand bike. (Brake fade can also occur as a result of the pads and disc being simply too hot - not much you can do about that except upspecc the materials...)

    e.g. Some riders get a replacement bike, want to bling it up and so they replace the brake lines with braided ones and go, "Wow what a difference!"... that difference could be just down to the fluid that was also replaced.

    The other reason for asking the OP the question is that it's an '09 CB400, with pretty young and modern brake lines. In theory, there should be plenty of initial bight with those good lines.
  8. Sorry for the de-rail mate. I could help you with places in Melbourne, but not in Sydney. good luck.
  9. Check out fleabay...lots of sellers of quality line kits...hel, venhill, goodridge, galfer....most OS sellers are cheaper than local even with postage added.

    Q-tip...get a made up kit for your bike. kits usually include all the bolts and crush washers you need. Do not reuse the old washers..
  10. Refer to previous ADR point.
  11. Most riders rave about braided lines as giving better feel. I put braided lines on the BMW in response to otehr issues when it was suggested they might help. For me they were not better. Diffferent, very different and probably not worse but I don't think better.

    Non braided lines may swell in response to a lever squeeze ad if they have got soft over time and if so it will make the brakes feel spongier. But I suspect the lines would need to be pretty old. In any event this is not brake fade and the brakes should still work , just need more pressure.
  12. :-kmmmm...
    been planning to get some, because pretty colours.

    but do not like different.
  13. Old lines swell on brake application, that's fluid in rubber brake hoses that expand as pressure is applied by the master cylinder and results in a reduction in available pressure at the caliper...

    Too much swelling and the next thing that is used up is all the available lever travel. A brake master cylinder is nothing more than a hand pump, and as such PER STROKE it can only deliver so much fluid. If that fluid is in lines that expand as the pressure increases, then the maximum pressure in the line is determined by the resistance to expansion of the rubber line, not by the compressibility of the fluid
  14. Mike is correct and braided lines pretty much don't swell so all lever motion is translated into braking.

    I should add to my earlier comments that the BMW brakes are ancient and therefore not the greatest brakes in the world anyway. Maybe the difference is more noticeable on more up-to-date brakes.
  15. I didn't notice any difference on the 9... but the brake lines were already sport specced lines and not that old when I replaced them.
  16. I noticed a difference on the rgv, but that was 18 years old when i changed them. On a three year old bike spend your money on training and trackdays.