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Braided Brake Lines

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by deyago, May 18, 2004.

  1. I'm thinking of getting them for my VFR800.

    I'm after opinions from those who have/had them and prices.

    The jury is still out on whether to bother or not but I'd like some more opinions on the subject.

  2. Hey there Deyago. I've had braided brake lines on both of my Vtr1000s'. Must say they are a vast improvement on the standard item. More feel, better performance and less fade. With constant use the standard lines tend to heat up and expand. This doesn't occur with braided steel so you have a more consistant feel. Triumph run them as standard (don't take too much notice of that, just thought I'd mention it). If you are happy with the brakes on the Viffer then don't worry but if you are after better performing brakes that give you heaps of feedback them go for it. Price is about $320 for front and rear (Goodridge) from memory. I don't know the nearest bike shop to you but I can certainly recommend Jeffreys honda in Ferntree Gully for the supply and fit of these. Good luck!

  3. I was told around $900 for a VFR800, due to the linked braking. There's a lot more length in the VFR's braking lines than most other bikes.
  4. Holy crap!!! :shock: :shock: That sounds a bit extreme!!! Only way to be sure Deyago is to call and check. John at Jeffreys honda will get you a price on supply and fit. You can get him on 97587322. Hard to make up your mind without knowing the price.

  5. Thanks guys,

    If it is in the $900 range I'll pass!

    It's strange, some people have said that they felt barely any difference with braided lines and it's not the sort of thing I want to spend big bucks for little return.

    Mouth is right about all the extra hoses so it would cost more than a standard bike. I'll have to give them a call and ask.

    Once I know I'll post the price.

    Thanks again!
  6. I've swapped from rubber lines to kevlar lines (similar benefits as braided) on my 748.
    I've done about 500kms with them now including a track day at Winton, but I can't place any direct improvement really. I did change the fluid in the process which proberly had the biggest impact on braking performance.
    Must admit I do actually have a working rear brake now (most Ducati 'superbikes' don't have much happening back there when the brake pedal is call for), so I suppose thats something.

    Later mod VFRs have alot pumbing hooked up to their calipers, what would happen if you re-plumbed it as standard, arh, with no sharded system I mean...?
    Would it work?
  7. hey deyago, i had goodrige carbon fibre brake lines on my old cbr, and rubbers on the new, god what a difference, i was that sick of the fronts on mine i have just bought a set of the same for my cbrfrom phil tainton racing on stud road (they are in the book) cost 198 for twin lines, i know i dont have linked brakes like the viffer but i dont think there would be $700 difference because of it, give them a ring and see what they say, but if you do get them especially on the back just watch out you dont lock up every time you put the back brake on :D :D
  8. go with phil tainton as sluglie suggested or ring john stamanos in brisbane (national distributor-goodridge),his ph no is in mcn. last place to buy aftermarket is at a dealership.
  9. OK, hope you are all sitting down. I called Phil Tainton Racing and Peter Stevens Melb for a quote. Given the nature of the VFR800 brake set up I knew it would be a bit more but.....

    :shock: :shock: :shock: $1200.00 big ones!! :shock: :shock: :shock:

    I'm going to bleed the brakes and make do. That sort of cash could go towards my next bike. I don't think the brakes need $1200 worth of improvements.
  10. :shock: :shock: :shock: :( hell man, another good reason not to buy a viffer, bloody honda and thier stupid ideas, for $1200 (or the equivalent in pounds - 324.78 gbp to be exact) my mate got his whole braking system replaced on his viffer in the uk with an ap racing system. rim mounted wave form disks, 6 pot billet alloy calipers, carbon fibre lines, the whole nine yards, that was including fitment as well. and i felt a bit ripped paying $200 for mine :shock: :shock: :shock:
  11. Yup, about right with inflation and time since I got my quote. Do you REALLY have problems with the VFR's braking anyways? I am a late and hard braker, and can be so because of the VFR's great braking.
  12. Well Jason, I don't have $1200 worth of problems with the brakes that's for sure. I do like the brakes, they are nice and stable but sometimes lack real bite when I need it. I'm like you on the brakes which picks up the little deficiancies. I'm going to give it a miss at this stage. That sort of cash buys a few advanced riding/ cornering courses, perhaps I should invest in up-rating my skills and get more out of what I got.
  13. $1200!

    Damn that's expensive.....

    You'd normally thinking more like a couple of hundred bucks.

    I've got braided lines on the front, didn't bother with the back because braided lines can give you more power but less 'feel'.
  14. Ok I've got Goodridge lines going on tomorrow evening so my question to all you racers/stunters/punters and nannas is....What sort of changes will I encounter?
    Will the brakes be deadly? Will the lever and pedal be as hard as rocks? I was told they could be difficult when going thru wet leaves and stuph because of the lack of feel!
    So tell me what your experiences are!!! :shock:
  15. man they are one of the best things you can do to your bike.

    they give absolutely crisp braking feel and totaly direct braking.

    but be careful when you first have them fitted as you wont be used to the power of the brakes.

    i have know idea who told you they have no feel, but whoever it was they were talking out of there arse.

    after a few days riding with them you will wonder how you ever got by without them.
  16. I agree. You will be pleased not only with the improvement in braking power but also the feel at the lever and pedal. The only problem I encountered after fitting the braided lines was to lock the rear brake on one occasion.
  17. when i fit braided brake lines i tend to only fit them to the front as i can lock the back up without a problem on standard lines, the only reason i fit back ones is for asthetics.
  18. What's a ball park figure for getting braided brakes lines fitted to a bike?

    I've been thinking about them for my ZZ-R1100.
  19. Not sure on the cost of fitting..do it yourself if you are so inclined :)
    Drop these guys an email and then chase around for prices in OZ.I got front and rear kit for approx $175 AU delivered in 5 days.
  20. I noticed one add for these for about $300 from memory in a bike magazine. I thought that was way too high. It seems like one off those things that would be much cheaper on a car. So I would be asking at an automovite brake place.