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NSW Braided Brake lines?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by robeel, Oct 28, 2011.

  1. can OS's lines be used legally in OZ NSW?

    do they need any stamping, etc to be legal? what are the legal requirements?


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  3. The issues you may face is getting a roadworthy, and also insurance if something was to go wrong., without the ADR boot on the braided brake lines.
  4. The ADRs no longer require lines to be ADR7 compliant. BS, SAE, JIS etc. Standards are OK. The requirements are now covered in ADR42 which is available for download off the DoTaRS website.
  5. Theres some specifics, onya Pat.
  6. as far as i know they have to comply to adr's which means buying from an aussie distributor. so no overseas purchases, as they wont have the needed markings. even if they are the same cable........ think helmet laws

    but thats only legally, while on topic, how much extra braking performance do they give???
  7. You might want to check out Pats post above. I would trust him on this subject.

    The performance changes depends on how bad the old cables are. On a new bike they are a waste. On old bikes where the oem cables are too flexy then you get a immediate benefit. I just put some on my RGV and so being 18 years old has much better bite now. Unless your bike is over 10 years old I think there ate better things to spend money on.
  8. thanks guys.

    pat, do you have a link to the site? is it legal or not?

    a lot of guys i asked have said they havn't been done, even when putting in a claim for a write off.

    & my bike is 15yrs old, so i've been told it's worth doing.
  9. There are no issues.

    Learn to use google mate.

    Link: Third Edition Australian Design Rules (ADRs),


  10. I don't agree with the only worth it on 10 year old bikes argument. The difference is massive going from rubber to braided even if the rubber ones are in good order.
  11. I've read posts on a Yamaha Forums talking about the XVS650 and front brake squeal, saying that there is a tendency for this to happen with the oem rubber hoses. Something about too much flex in the line blah, blah, blah. They recommend upgrading to braided hoses to reduce flex and remove the problem. I get a bit of brake squeal every now and then, but it doesn't bother me. Don't know if what they say is true, just throwin' it in the pot.
  12. My understanding of the benefits of braided brake lines is that they don't expand under hard braking. Neither do new lines at least on the street, hence newer bikes can spend the money elsewhere such as better pads.

    Why do you think difference will be massive?

    I wouldn't have thought that braided brake lines would help squealing as that is associated with the pads. Here is a link that says the common causes of squealing.

  13. They give much better lever 'feel' than normal rubber hoses
  14. I think that only applies where brake lines are old or you are using them under hard braking constantly such as at the track.

    There is definitely a benefit. Whether it is money that could be better spent elsewhere was my point. I guess new pads even if they improve your braking more don't win in a posing contest at the cafe :)
  15. I had braided lines fitted last week to the Bandit and have noticed no discernable difference in road braking performance.
    The concencus amongst my learned riding colleagues is that the difference will manifest in track conditions.
    But they look shit hot!
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  16. I have a new gixxer 1000, and compared to my gixxer750 (that has braided lines) the 1000's stock brakes feel terrible. They fade and there is no feel.

    I'll be getting braded lines ASAP.

    Forget pipes and bling, spend your $$ on suspension and brakes.
  17. I did like the weight saving that they gave. That is mostly unsprung weight as well. That would be beneficial on the road.
  18. I agree, changed to braided lines on my 2010 blade and the difference on the street is quite noticeable.

    I can't understand why japanese manufacturers don't get with the times and fit them as standard like most european brands do. It's laughable that you can buy a 600 or 1000cc race rep and it doesn't have braided lines.
  19. Braided lines make sense because, in most cases, they're 1/2 to 1/3 the price of crappy OEM rubber ones. When your lines need replacing, why would you pay twice as much for a technically inferior product?
  20. I've ridden plenty of almost brand new bikes but haven't ridden one where the amount of travel in the lever (caused by the rubber lines ballooning) is acceptable in my book. I've ridden on braided lines for the last 3 years so the difference is night and day going from a bike with braided lines to a new bike with rubber lines.

    My firestorm has old rubber lines and obviously that's hideous.

    Maybe it's my riding style or I'm just used to braided? I like to run my levers in close to the bar so I don't have to reach/stretch for the lever. With stock lines with the lever set up for me I can't brake to the maximum because the lever will hit the bar or come really close. It gets the SRs up because you feel your at max braking. So with rubber I've gotta run the lever out far and reach for it which feels ham fisted and makes blipping clumsy etc.