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Braided Brake Lines

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by DamianB, Sep 19, 2010.

  1. The brake lines on my bike (Kawasaki Balius) are pretty dodgy after so many years, and i'm looking at buying braided brake lines. I saw this ebayer.


    has anyone purchased from them? what's the quality of the product.

    I just don't want something that will leak (obviously). but i'm not riding a race bike so i don't need race quality stuff.

    What are your opinions.

  2. I wouldn't get them.
    First thing that got my attention is that it doesn't mention that they are coated (normally pvc). One of my mates has a significant groove cut into his fork on a ducati monster from non-coated braided lines as it was straight metal to metal rubbing.
  3. with something such as brakes, where your life depends on it being 100% functioning 100% of the time i wouldn't buy an unknown brand from an unknown seller.
    there are a few braided line manufacturers around, one which springs to mind (coz i was looking at them a few days back) is HEL http://www.helperformance.com.au/
  4. Get quality brand name like 'hel' or 'galfer'

    Much improved feel and operation.

    Hel are coated, I know as I have them on the gumby
  5. Braided lines can be great but make sure they are legal here in Aus, a lot of the ebay ones are not. If the supplier cant state that they ARE, they are most likely not.... and yes, all legal lines are coated....

    How to check is simply by the Aus compliance stamp one one of the end fittings.

    Incidentally no screw apart fittings are legal as well..... there is a reason for this..... they do (very) occasionally come apart.... only crimp fittings are allowable.

    If you really want I can find manufactureres in your area as there is only one legal suplier of components in Aus at this point it time.. he will have lists of who his retailers are.
  6. On braided lines, here's a link to Aussie manufactured road legal hoses made to fit your sample.

    Just take your line to them, choose the colour (if any) of your line and look out the window for 10 minutes.