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braided brake lines - best ones to buy?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by jbonevia, May 19, 2008.

  1. I've been looking around for some braided brake lines for the gamma as the standard lines are over 20 years old (and look it).

    I was going to buy a set out of the US but was a bit reluctant because they wouldnt be ADR approved.

    I searched the web a bit and came across HEL performance ones:

    Has anyone got this brand - are they good? I must admit i havent heard much about them but i was impressed by their website, they seem to know their stuff and the pricing was reasonable i thought although not as cheap as the US ones, however i dont mind paying for quality especially when it comes to brakes.

    Are there any other brands i should look at?

  2. I recently got a set of hel lines for my bike. I reckon they're brilliant, the quality is very high and the price is pretty good too. The boss was even able to accomodate a small custom request for me with no hassles as all. I'm not sure how the legalities go with getting stuff from os, but i reckon you couldn't go too far wrong with the local hel stuff :cool:

    ps only downside i found with the braided lines is that it was a b*tch to get the brake system primed and full of fluid straight after installing them, but patience prevailed :grin:
  3. Goodridge are supposed to be very... Er, good. HEL I've heard of some troubles with, somebody had a set that weren't airtight, but I've heard of plenty of people saying they're very good as well.
  4. I run a set of goodrige ... pretty happy with it so far ;-)
  5. Goodridge for me too. Not cheap but they definitely improve over standard.

    Watch out if youre getting the rear done too. Takes a lil bit of getting used to and you will undoubtedly lock the rear on a number of occasions whilst getting used to em.
  6. i have used HEL one. They are great, never had a problem.

    Just a note. Make sure when u install them, u give the whole braking system some attention(calipers, Master cylinder) and use good brake fluid.
  7. +1 I have HEL, they're very good.
    +1 good time to service your brakes thoroughly.
  8. I've got a full set, yes all TEN, of HEL lines on the VFR. All in all, besides the fact that changing ten lines is a supreme pain in the arse and not the fault of HEL, they are great lines and ADR approved to boot. I got mine out of the UK for hundreds less than it would have cost me to buy goodridge lines locally. Gotta love the internet!
  9. Godridge for me.
  10. Yeah Tim is a great guy he will look after ya.

    HEL or Goodridge either will do the job fine.

    or ya can just buy a Buell as they come standard ;)
  11. HEL for the win. have run goodridges with great success too. the but HEL lines, with the candy finish on the banjos (which are also neat and compact) looks waaaaay more pimp. even the HEL stickers look better. performance wise for real world use, i'd say they are on par with anything else out there.
  12. Tonight on, 'When Linked Braking Systems Attack'! :grin:
  13. Just to add to my earlier post, I went the HEL from superbike supply, and got the black lines with black banjos... I went the understated braided option. :)

    No problems to date.
  14. They'd be the special ones for six-fingered riders wouldn't they? :LOL: :p