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Bradford Track Day, Sun 21st Jan

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by FormerUser3, Dec 15, 2006.

  1. I have just booked a Broadford track day for 21st January with Champions Ride Days, this was the first available date after the previous track day on 9th December was cancelled due to the fires.

    I know a few of us netriders were booked in for the previous day, has anyone else booked another date yet?

  2. I may be up for a bit of track action :grin:
  3. The prices are only $135.00, which I think is not bad.
    I am hoping everyone is on holidays and it's a quiet day.
  4. i think ill b there. it will b the first day out on my new race bike. cant wait
  5. My first as well, hope you aren't riding there.
  6. Would love to have come to this one but I have a huge night planned for Saturday. I figure a track day isn't the best of ideas. Have a fantastic day :)
  7. nah im not riding there my bike isnt roadworthy[/quote]
  8. i will be there on the r6. First track day. Cant wait.
  9. Booked in. Shall be fun. :)

    Mind you, I've got something to do the night before, a good excuse to be the designated driver me thinks.
  10. Bradford or Broadford? Getting hard to distinguish between the broads and brads in your old age? :LOL: :p
  11. I am booked but it's a long wait. :grin:
  12. You riding again, Nova?
  13. The broads will tell you how, even at my age I still get offers :LOL:
  14. Happy New Years all! :>

    Just wondering if people can turn up (and pay _something_) but not participate and just watch? I don't wanna do any track stuff whilst still healing but would love to watch the action.
  15. I went to my 1st track day here with Champions - 2 years ago tho (on the Across!!!:shock: :LOL:) - and there was no charge to get in to the track or anything then. So if things haven't changed you should be able to rock up and enjoy the action :grin:

    Must be many who have been recently who would know???
  16. There is no charge for spectators.
  17. wazza: could be a nice ride out to broadford via flowerdale.
    I'll have to confirm in a few weeks, early days yet. :)
  18. Not really riding.....just trying to wobble efficiently :p

    Yes I'm now SV650S powered and heading to a race track near you :grin:

    Hopefully I'll be able to make this track-day because I badly need some practice :!:

    Champion's Ride Days

    Scrutineering and Safety Requirements

    Your bike must be checked in the scrutineering bay prior to going on the track. It will be checked for a number of safety issues such as tyre wear, brake wear, suspension, chain tension, levers and that nothing is leaking or falling off the bike

    Bikes do not need to be registered, but must be roadworthy and pass scrutineering

    No sneakers, desert boots, draggin jeans or open faced helmets

    Full leathers must be worn (1 or 2 pieces), full length motorcycle boots, and leather gloves. Hire suits are available for $50 including boots & gloves. Please book your size prior to the day

    You must ride with an Australian approved helmet. It cannot be damaged or cracked

    You must only ride in the session you have been graded into, and you can change groups on the day

    Indemnity Forms must signed prior to going on the track and your licence must be seen. No L plates are allowed.
  19. might be up for some track action!! Need to rebuild the bike first thought.
  20. No L plates allowed? How do they cater for beginners?