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Bradford track day, Sat 9 Dec

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Tiga, Nov 24, 2006.

  1. Just booked spots for me and ApriliaBoy :grin:

    I'm pretty sure I've heard a few people talk about that date. So, who else if likely to be there?
  2. Details and prices?
  3. Best place for information is http://www.championsridedays.com.au/

    The basic cost is $125. I think you may also need to buy a one-day recreational licence for Broadford as well. Not sure about this though so if anyone can shed any light on this feel free.

    Gates open at 7:30am, with the riders briefing at 9:00am. There are 3-4 groups and I think they aim for ~7 sessions a day.
  4. OK cheers Kath. I'll see how I go at Calder and think about joining you guys if it goes well.
  5. You don't need a recreational licence. This is for the scheduled practice days that MA hold there.

    Champions are very good and run a good operation. Broadford is a fun circuit. Now, will I have the VFR by then....?
  6. Something that may be worth enquiring about is the special deals and incentives they have had in the past: e.g. group of five riders; sixth one free, lowers the price, also pick up a ride day card and have it stamped, do five ride days and get sixth one free. Best to check with them. (Like the Southbank coffee.) :cool:
  7. Well in the specials section it does say just that. With 6 or more riders you get $25 off each spot. I'm pretty keen to be in on this one, as I have never done a track day before. So anyone else up for this? :grin:
  8. Might see if I can come out for a look in the arvo :grin:
  9. Oh the luxury of it all...! I got to make a choice on what bike to take. There's a chance I might have the VFR400 (20%), or I can take the Blade (but need it complete, don't want to crash it) or the Tuono. If the VFR is ok, it's no decision, otherwise 'eeeny meeny miney mo'.

    Long distance weather forecast is El Scorchio!
  10. Cejay, how are you getting there? Be interested meeting up if your riding? :)
  11. I'm very keen to do this day, but it'll depend on whether I can get a new rear tyre on.
  12. I'm trailering up. I can recommend a route there though. Go via Glenburn, Flowerdale, Strath Creek and then Broadford.
  13. Better hope that 37 degree forecast doesn't hold true. Yuck. Not sure I'd go back and try that again, to me it seems more suitable as a go kart track. I think I need a smaller track bike to have some fun on..
  14. What you riding? Agree, 37 degrees is going to fun :)
  15. Doe's anyone know if there are some spots available, and what about the group buy?
  16. GSXR1k. Could barely get out of 2nd gear anywhere. Maybe down that back straight-ish bit you get into 3rd :)
  17. Not sure about spots, check the website link I posted previously.

    I'm not going to be very helpful when it comes to organising a group buy as I'm already all paid up at full price. I'm not exactly going to ask for some of my money back :p If anyone else wants to look into this feel free.
  18. The booking area doesn't work on my mac, get errors etc., I have rang them and left a message, so hopefully they get back to me.
    I am not really worried about the small saving Katherine, could me more trouble than it's worth.
    This track day is the thing I need, off the blike for so long becuase on the knee, this might give me the confidence again. :)
  19. I just booked in over the phone, so I will see you all on Saturday. Will be interesting for my first outing on the new track bike.