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Brackets (?) on sides of seat. What are they for?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Jozlyn, Jan 12, 2015.

  1. #1 Jozlyn, Jan 12, 2015
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    Hi, I have a Honda VTR250 and it has these weird looped bracket, type things, that come down from under the back of the seat/rear mud guard area, near-ish to the blinkers and point outward. What are they for? Why are they there? What is their role? Do they have something to do with panniers or saddlebags? I've looked at the user manual and couldn't see them mentioned. It's driving me nuts trying to work out why they're there. Any insights would be muchly appreciated. Thanks :D

  2. its to hang your shoping bags from
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  3. A picture is worth a thousand words.

    Perhaps a helmet lock?
  4. For attaching extra straps for panniers, tail packs...etc...whatever you want them to be used for or to drive you nuts?;)
  5. Mountings for the golf cart like hood?
  6. LOL! Thank you SO much. Definitely not a helmet lock. I had a feeling that they were just there for a "whatever you want" type use!
  7. On some bikes, you can actually hook your helmet on these using the chin strap rings... I use mine to attach the whippet's lead for when I take her for a run around the block...:whistle:
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  8. JozlynJozlyn - if they're anything like the CB400, then they are Luggage tie-down hooks.

    I have provided a pic from my manual for your reference


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  9. You could easily use them for helmets, but only while you're with them, as it'd be ridiculously easy just to undo them and walk off with them.

    LOL! Thanks for the idea, the Kelpies might enjoy that too ;)
  10. Yep, almost the same thing. Except mine don't fold away and the bottom pokes out. I think I'll go take a picture! Thanks :)
  11. You can use a helmet lock to attachhelmet to the frame as well as though the loop...depends on the type of helmet lock of course...
  12. Attachments for "occy straps"
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  13. JozlynJozlyn - I checked both the workshop & owners manual and whilst they dont specifically mention a name, the loops are part of the frame and as hornethornet mentioned are more than likely occy strap hooks for holding luggage down on your bike.
  14. Sorry it wont let me post a picture as I haven't been a member long enough yet.

    But I'm guessing that you're all correct and that they're for tie downs, it's just odd the way they poke out.

    Thanks again :)
  15. JozlynJozlyn - Its OK , I'm assuming you mean these

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  16. Yep! That's them! Are they luggage tie downs?
  17. Yup, as hornethornet mentioned they're for holding luggage straps.

  18. Ignoramuses (ignorami?) - these are clearly for bungie cording your dog/cat to your back seat when you go for a spin. Its obvious!

    Remember to always ensure your dog/cat wears a helmet!

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  19. Sure are.. i have the 20L one myself..