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Braap and Suus - thoughts?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by pozeli, Dec 23, 2014.

  1. Has anyone had any experience with- test rided or owned a Braap road bike like the Mercury? What are your thoughts? Aussie company seems to do reasonably priced LAMS bikes?
    Also Suus gear - has anyone tried it? Again aussie made Aussie sourced materials
    Any feedback would be much appreciated. Trying to do my research but it's hard to find many reviews

  2. The daughter's boyfriend bought himself a little Braaap 125 motardish thingo (new) to commute on a few months ago. It seems to have things go wrong with it fairly regularly.
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  3. My mate has a Braap 125 pitbike, he has fun on that with no apparent issues.

    Prolly not helpful. :\
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  4. #4 iClint, Dec 24, 2014
    Last edited: Dec 24, 2014
    nasty chinese bike, save yourself a world of hurt and anguish and just by similarly priced used jap bike.

    I feel sorry for all the children out there this christmas that might get a little Braap dirt bike under the tree only to find it not running anymore by about lunchtime to then find out after the christmas long weekend from the distributor that the warranty was void after they started it (I jest) and it will cost three times the bikes RRP to fix or replace the broken part or parts.

    ... and the sad faces of these children as they watch their friends who had smart parents who paid a little more for a peewee-50 that is virtually unbreakable.
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  5. I have no idea8)
    I was in Newcastle recently and saw Sol Invictus Mercury bikes. are they the ones?
    naked bikes that look a bit like the SR Yamahas.
    they looked interesting enough and sounded ok for the money.
    but that is probably no help whatsoever:]
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  6. Typically what happens with these bikes is the electrics fail... if not after melting because there is no heat shielding or because the wires are not rated for the amperage, or because humidity got above 1%.

    then fluids leaks from everything that has some kind of fluid in it

    Then things start to fall off because in an effort to save money on assembly no lock tight or spring washers were used. quit possibly neither were spanners, with all nuts and bolts only cinched up with little chinese fingers

    Then stuff rusts because it was made from recycled fencing wire and the stainless steel had no chromium added to the alloy some say it may just be rusted metal sprayed over with chrome paint.

    If your lucky it will fall apart in the driveway while you look at it too hard, and not while you are riding it.
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  7. Tell us what you REALLY think Clint!!!! :LOL:
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  8. He's on the money though.
  9. Thanks everyone! I think the consensus is it is a no-go! if it sounds too good to be true it is. Well the Braap? Not sure about the Suus gear? They have aligned themselves though.
  10. I think we have all read that thread... you know the one where someone bought the Chinese bike because it was cheaper than a Jap bike but looks the same and the dealer told them they were the number one selling bike and the parts are made in the same factory as the Japanese bikes blah blah blah... 5mins later its not running or its falling apart what do i do???
  11. Oh I agree! When I was a little boy they used to say the same thing about Japanese goods. I doubt the Chinese will manage to get their standards up to current Japanese levels any time soon....
  12. I have no comment about the Suus line of gear, but as for why does anyone align themselves with products is simple... to sell stuff.

    why do dealers of quality brand motorcycles sell the Chinese rubbish often along side or hidden in a dark corner of the show room?... because there is always some tight wad out there who doesn't want to spend much on a bike, so rather than lose this customer they sell them what they want.
  13. They might one day and in some ways there QC is above and beyond many other countries.

    A lot of components on many bikes regardless of manufacturer would be made in china, and look at all the other quality products made in china from many leading electronics vendors, apple, sony, microsoft, samsung, LG etc etc.

    But there are also many Chinese factories that will turn out anything you want at any price point you like and you get what you pay for.
  14. There is a saying in Afrikaans that holds true for this and pretty much everything else - "goedkoop is deurkoop" which translates as "cheap price is (ultimately) expensive price" - sums it up nicely.

    Also the famous "the bitterness of poor quality will be remembered long after the joy of a cheap price is forgotten".
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  15. We were saying the same thing about Hyo's until a couple of years ago (including me) and they have definitely improved.
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  16. From their Q&A page;

    Are these Chinese bikes?
    [​IMG] We are the only Australian owned and designed dirt bike with the most sophisticated componentary from all around the world including a french frame, canadian Elka shock and a Daytona Japnese Engine. All parts and components are quality control tested at home in Australia

  17. precisely "designed" not made/built/manufactured.

    and "Japnese" is that bad chinglish?

    All power to an Australian company having a go, but you won't find many people who disagree that no-name rebadged Chinese pit bike's/motorcycles are bad.
  18. Another good one is "I'm not that rich to keep buying cheap things"
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  19. Is that Afrikaans? I would have guessed it was a quote from the Swedish Chef :p

    As for the gear, dunno but would you really buy a brand that is suus?
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