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Braaap Mercury

Discussion in 'Naked' started by Lucid Mikey, Apr 6, 2015.

  1. Hey everybody, on the hunt for a first bike for the misses and stumbled across these today. Reading mixed reviews on them isn't helping.
    just wanting opinions and if possible personal experience with them.
    Cheers, Mikey

  2. Usual questions:
    What's the budget?
    What's her riding pattern e.g. commute, weekend warrior, pootling to the coffee shops and back?
    What's her experience?
  3. sorry was hunting just for info on the baaarp but lets do the lot ey :)
    Budget lower better but under $8K
    Going to be daily commute to work and back, 30Ks mostly 80kmh zones.
    No experience 1st bike.
    She prefers the cruiser/classic look.
  4. Yamaha XVS650.
    My reasoning being;
    Japanese - not some re marketed Chinese nonsense.
    Well known with a huge following, so lots on the market and lots of accessories and support.
    Easy to ride.
    Classic/cruiser looking.
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  5. Unless you have a girlfriend who can replace her at bedtime, buy her something else.
    Seriously though there are plenty of much better bikes out there for that kind of money. A low k jap cruiser like the Yam xvs650 for example.
  6. I would say get her on all sorts of bike types before settling on one. I too like the cruiser style bikes, but after riding a few of the LAMS ones available, then jumping on something that is designed to be ridden around corners, I opted for the sportier bike. Moral of the story, new riders (like I am) don't really understand the difference in riding positions, lean angles etc until you experience it for yourself. I'm commuting on a Ninja 300 that is mostly 80km and its easy.

    If a cruiser is a must, I'd say take a look at the Suzuki S40 as well. Low seat height, 660c single, light, narrow, easy to ride and can be had for around 8k new ride away. For me, the XVS650 was too cumbersome, but each to their own.
  7. For that sort of distances also look at the
    Suzuki Intruder 250
    Yamaha Virago 250

    Most of the cruiser 250s are Great bikes with plenty of power for what you want.
  8. Thanks guys, been looking at the naked options as well, any suggestions on the more classic styled ones?
  9. The Moto Guzzi V7 is a lovely thing, a bit out of your price range from what I can see on Bikesales ATM, but you may get lucky.
  10. As you were looking at braaps, I can recommend a Honda CB250. It's classic-looking "standard" naked bike. It's comfortable, light and has a reasonably low seat so it will be a good bike for a lady. It's rather tame so it's a good starter bike too. It is not too expensive(you can get a used one for about 2-3 grand), cheap to run and maintain and quite reliable; an excellent commuter bike. As for downsides, it's not too torque-y and struggles to accelerate past 110kmh(it's a commuter 250 after all). Another thing to consider is that you will have to buy a used one as I think Honda don't make them any more since 2008 or something.

    As an alternative, there's a CB400. It's a slightly bigger and more powerful fuel injected incarnation of the CB(CB250 is carburated BTW). You can buy a new one for about 10 grand far as I remember. Jaytee can tell you more about this one as he owns one for quite some time.
  11. The CB400 is a great learner bike. Awesome build quality, Plenty of get up and go. Great under seat storage.

    You'll get around 300kms on a tank (without pushing it). The wet weight for a non-abs model is 198kgs, 204kgs for abs.

    I had a brief check and there are a few priced at around 6K in ACT for a second hand one atm (2000kms on speedo)

  12. What is a Braaap Mercury? Where do they come from?

    I'd suggest, as others have, that you look at the Jap bikes and go from there.

    Also, more importantly this is for your wife yes? If so I'd suggest you get her looking at bikes and sitting on them.
  13. Braaap is an Australian company sourcing parts from France Canada and Japan (thats all they list but china is probably sourced from also)
    She has been sitting on bikes and has an idea what she likes but not making and decisions before she has her Ls
    Whats thoughts on the tu250x?
  14. Honestly I'd stick with the Jap bikes.

    The Tu250X isn't a bad bike. I gather you wife likes that retro look. If so see if you can track down a CD250U or an SRV250.
  15. 12Kw? Not enough.
  16. Yeah, less plastic :p.
    Nice looking bikes but not likely in canberra haha. Like the sr400's also.
  17. It's her first bike yes? Plastic is cheaper to repair than chrome.
  18. Your wife sounds like a sensible lady.

    Could I suggest that you stay calm, wait till she has done her Ls, and then let her try on various bikes?

    Having done her Ls, she'll have a better idea of what size and weight of bike she can comfortably handle.
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  19. Very wise words :) just the excitement and getting the idea on prices has got us jumping the gun a bit haha.
  20. My cousin bought one of these just about a month ago. Picked up from Alexandria then stalled just before getting on to M5 motorway. Dealer did not put enough petrol and just enough for 10k. For a learner's bike, it doesn't have the fuel gauge. We had to push it to my place instead.
    The next day, got a friend to ride it to cousin's and acceleration is a bit slower, of course compared to my ninja 300. Also sometimes gear doesn't get in when shifting, this is coming from someone who's been riding since he was a kid. Week after owning it, both signal light bulbs got busted.
    I guess what I'm saying is they do look good for a cafe racer but just like what everyone is saying, IMO I would stick to jap bikes.