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Braaaaaaaap !!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by suzanne, Sep 11, 2016.

  1. Hi there,
    Suzanne here, from the Gold Coast. Just returned home from a great little ride so sitting here feeling alive!! I love looking at all the posts on NR and thought maybe I should say Hi !! I have been riding for a couple of years and love my Honda CB400. Well, thats it ...just a hello !
    Ride safe and stay upright (y)

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  2. Welcome Suzanne!!
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  3. Hi and welcome happy CB rider (y)
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  4. Welcome and brrraaaapp right back atcha....

    Nice ride!
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  5. Welcome to nNetrider
  6. Hello Suzanne
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  7. Hello Suzanne from the Sunny coast!

    One of the other members in QLD is from the Goldie too. Keep an eye out for ValvolineValvoline .

    She is very active on here ( she might be in reallife too? LOL) and organises rides around your neck of the woods.
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  8. plus she is hot
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  9. Everyone in QLD is hot mate.
    It gets bloody humid up here.
    That's why we all have swimming pools and live at the beach!
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  10. oh
    maybe i should move
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  11. Welcome :woot:
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  12. Welcome aboard :)
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  13. Welcome! :cool:
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  14. Hi Suzanne
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  15. gday suzannesuzanne and welcome to NR!
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  16. Fark
    every one gets a like except me
    well i got one when i said i should move
    from a fellow Victorian mind you
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  17. poor baby
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  18. YO! suzannesuzanne ! and welcome!

    Enjoy roaming through the pages and pages of lame jokes, gross images and de-railed threads. It's all part of why NR is so amazing!
    Oh and don't mind 'ol uncle greguncle greg - he's part of the wildlife ;-)

    [Edit: *hands uncle greguncle greg piece of cake as peace offering*]
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