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BP petrol variations

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by ibast, Feb 22, 2007.

  1. My bike is pretty sensitive to bad fuel. It will run 91, but runs better on 95, so I notice when I get dodgy fuel.

    has anyone noticed that BP fuel, both 91 and 95 can vary?

    A recent tank I put in I got about 20% less distance out of it and the bike run terribly the whole time.

    I was originally thinking it was the servo, but now I'm wondering. There is another BP servo I don't go to, but now I am wondering if it's the fuel itself.

    When I get a good batch of 95 BP in the bike runs as good, if not better then any other fuel.

    Maybe it is the servos but I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed.
  2. Can' say I've noticed a variation. But I have had trouble on several occasions actually buying 95 octane fuel, the local servo simply running out. Maybe BP has had some problems with supply/production they're not letting on about and are sourcing fuel from other companies, or maybe some dodgy operators are "topping up" the 95 tank from a tanker full of 91?
  3. ive had a couple of bad batches of the bp 91ron from some of the older servos. the 95 has always ran well for me but. i have heard that all petrol in nsw is sourced from shell or caltex anyway? dont know the truth on that.

  4. yeah BP is made by Shell at clyde.

    Debate continues about whether it is different from the Shell product. I'm convinced the 95 and 98 products are, but the 91 is doubtful.

    I put some 95 in, from a station I have had good stuff, this morning, so I'll see how it goes.
  5. I personally won't use Shell, and only Caltex at a pinch. and i'll only use 98 octane unless i'm desperate.

    Don't even bother with the 95 octane, and especially the 91 :shock: .

    It's not like bikes have big tanks, don't muck around, just use BP 98 octane, my bike loves it as do my mates bikes. Never had a problem.

    I also try and fuel up at servos, that go through a lot of fuel, so it's fresh.

  6. Just a follow up. I've used BP fuel from a couple of different stations since and had not problems. Maybe slightly poorer milage, but no real carry on.

    So it still may be variation in BP in generally, but I'm guessing I've found a couple of dodgy petrol stations:

    - BP Silverwater road Silverwate (only used once, so may have been a one off but was really bad).
    - BP Rookwood road yagoona (not as bad, but much more then once)

    Add to the the Woolworths on the corner of epping road and Balaclava road. (twice)
  7. Fuel is also blended for different temperatures. Typcially it is blended up to 14 days before sale. What CAN happen is that you'll get the refinery speculating that temperatures will stay at say 25 degrees, and they send it out teh gate. If you get a few hot days, the fuel can cause problems like pre ignition, hot start issues etc on engines that are prone to these problems due to octane.
    I've had these probs on certain car's I've owned.
    Not saying it is the problem, but it is a factor.

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. Yeah I've noticed the milage variation I get when filling up from all brands of servos and different locations too. I generally fill up at the same BP each week afterwork and the k/tank I get varies. It could just be the type of riding I'm doing. I also use mobil a lot just handy to fill up without having to take helmet off and notice I get more k/tank consistently. but no mobil on the way to work.

    btw almost always 91 ron. a tank of 98 once in a while to clean.
    95 a bit more k/tank but not really enough to notice. 98 definitely more k/tank but seems to not have that gutsy kApOW kinda burn (not as enjoyable to ride)
  9. Actually mate this rings true. As per usual Sydney gets the odd hot day during autumn and this is when I've had the problem. Not as hot as summer, when I didn't have a problem. So yeah, it is a possibility.