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BP outrage

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Iondah, Jan 24, 2007.

  1. Yesterday as I was calmly filling up my bike at the BP on the corner of Thompsons Road and Foote Street in Templestowe, watching three skylines screech into the carwashes and starting to play with the water. After I'd started pumping fuel, a guy came out of the petrol station and said "The woman inside asked me to tell you to take your helmet off".

    So as not to shoot the messanger I took my helmet off and continued filling up. When i went inside (sans helmet) the woman at the counter goes "next time take your helmet off". I asked why and she goes "oh, just in case something happens". "Like what?" I replied. Then she goes "Look, the work cover people told us that motorcyclists have to take their helmets off when filling up." I just said whatever and walked out.

    If she'd just said "we've been having a lot of ride-bys recently" I'd have been satisfied.

    Anyone else heard this sort of thing before? It's a new one on me.
  2. sounds reasonable..... move on.
  3. Yeah maye it happens to me all the time. Its safety just in case you wanna rob the station, drive off etc.

    I tend to have the right change and just give it to them and go, they can say all they want!
  4. Yep - i switched from the servo i have used for the last 10 years because of it. It's so we don't ride off without paying and the camera doesn't get our picture. It is fair enough but it should be displayed at the pump. The guy just shut off my pump when i had my run in. The new place i get my petrol started to insist i kept my helmet on (yeah, yeah i know the lines) as a gesture of trust after the first couple of weeks.
  5. If my local servo told me to do that when i'd been going there 10yrs I'd ride up, take the helmet off and put on one of those things the Muslim women wear that covers their face, just to make a point. :evil: Then go inside, point out how stupid their rule is and that my 10yr loyalty to them just ended!
  6. Remove helmet, put on balaclava, fill up...

    Or just go to a Mobil where you can pay at the pump on your ATM card.
  7. Nothing pisses me off more than console droids that are bloody clueless.

    If they said that to me, I'd drop the pump on the ground then go and pay for what I had already pumped, with helmet on and then walk off.

    What happens when Habib walks up with his mirrored sunnies, baseball cap and hooded top on? Or Habib's sister dressed like a post box?

    [MOD- :rofl: ]

    I tell ya, give in to them and next they will insist you pump the fuel naked, (yes carrie27, I can hear your jumps for joy :p )you know, so they can record any distinguishing features.
    I'd be right, don't think they make zoom lenses that long :grin:
  8. I've seen the plod walk into a large BP near me without taking a full face off, where I have been glared at for wearing an open face.

    I just smile and ignore them.
  9. Yeah that's been argued on here many times before, and will be bitched and moaned about on here for many times to come...

    I don't agree with it, but it's just the way it is... most places I fill up have signs to say remove your helmet before entering the servo to pay for your fuel and at a few places I've seen signs at the pump to remove helmets...

    Either buy a flip face helmet or change servo's... I did that latter :wink:
  10. Oh no vic, you can't start a post all serious and then slip in a funny of that calibre without warning me, I'm at work dude! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  11. I've worked in a servo so I can look at this from both sides. The helmet on I never had an issue with if they had correct change. If they were going to spend a lot of time in the shop then I can see how they may get a little nervous especially the female operators.

    The biggest issue we had was with riders not dismounting their bike. This was a policy BP had that we had to enforce. I could understand this one from a safety point of view but it didn't go down too well with the Harley riders (even though a lot have fuel caps on either side of tank).
  12. i usually don't have an issue with wearing my helmet whilst pumping as i usually only goto a few servo's in the area! but i have had 1 dumb arse tell me to take it off but i just went along with it!
  13. i take mine off prior to pumping....i just feel its easier all round. Just takes a bit longer to get ready to go again. Some servo's had an issue with this but if they want to see my face then they can wait for me to put it on again before clearing the bowser.
  14. :WStupid:

    Gives me a chance to get some "Fresh" air O.K. so servo air is anything but fresh... but it works for me.

    That being said I usually walk away from the bike taking my gloves and helmet off as I go, this has lead to strange looks from people I pass on the street.
  15. :grin: :grin:
    Get out of the wrong side of the bed today did we Vic?
    As funny as that is, i'm pretty sure you cant say that kinda stuff :wink:
  16. Had a chat with the servo guy at BP near gladesville about the helmet issue. He says that its cause there is ALOT of ride aways. More from motorbikes cause the cameras they have only get front plates which bikes don't have.

    As we were talking a ktm motard pulled up, dismounted, kinda stood around near the pump for awhile, saw that me and the servo dude were looking at him, then got back on the bike and rode away. He said that that guy was likely to steal petrol....and that 30min before i came another motorbike stole petrol but was quickly caught by the cops. He then showed me a list of rego plates he wrote down from a dozen cars which have stolen petrol that day.

    I think he also said something bout getting in trouble from work if he didn't write down the plates. Combined with the fact that its a boring, shitty pay, potentially dangerous job.....i'd say give these guys a break!
  17. I use a local servo with a pay at the pump feature. Works for me, except this one day.

    I payed and filled at the pump, helmet stays on, went inside to use teller machine for extra $100 cash for the night out. As I walked in, got a funny look from the operator, and realised I still had my lid on. I gestured "oh shit sorry" and took my lid off. She froze and I swear to god, it smelt like she shit herself. Then I realised I needed to take my thermal balaclava off as well...

    Many apologies all round ensued.
  18. :LOL: I have that issue in winter too... take the lid off and forget I have a full face balaclava on... get some very strange looks all round of :shock:
  19. I've been riding for over 30 years & i have had not 1 problem with servo's.[just lucky by the sounds of the other posts]
    When i fill up i always get off the bike & only take my helmet off when paying.
    I would have no problem taking off my helmet if asked but nobody has so far.

  20. Its been said on one of these threads before but I think it suits it very well...

    Robbing banks and servos in motorbike helmets is so 80's :roll: