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BP Oil Spill

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by grange, May 31, 2010.

  1. It's so sad.

    Sure the oil company has a lot to answer but in some ways we're all to blame.
    We all like/need to ride/drive our toys and sometimes things go wrong.

    Beaches closed just in time for summer.....](*,)
    This will take decades to recover like in Alaska years ago...

    We will need oil for a few generations until a better option is found (or allowed by oil companies) so lets hope lessons will have been learnt
  2. Yes it would help if oil companies didnt try to block technological advancement that may threaten their profits
  3. Very shocking.
  4. Show me some proof, I'd love to read it.
  5. Who killed the electric car is an interesting documentary, and a balanced one too highlighting the interference of motor + oil companies in the development of alternative vehicles.

    The patents for basically every non-cylinder based IC engine is bought up and stored away, with the exception of the wankel rotary. Probably because it chews oil and fuel which is exactly what the oil industry wants.

    Theres an undeniable monopoly in the vehicle industry. You buy a petrol or a diesel.

    Weve seen yet another war in the middle east over the rich oil fields, and not so long ago close to home Australia was making sure it could get its hands on East Timor oil. Make no mistake, millions of people die in the name of upholding this bloated industry...

    Things wouldnt be so bad if the oil was saved for industrial uses like plastics etc, but not power generation.
  6. The Gull Oil Disaster will be far, far worse than the Exxon Valdez. I don't call this an oil spill, it's an oil gusher. The current official estimates of daily flow of oil is 40,000 barrels per day, unofficial estimates put the flow at 90,000 BPD. This means that an Exxon Valdez of oil is being pumped into the Gulf of Mexico every 4 to 8 days.

    The only hope of stopping this is with a relief well and that is months away and there is no way of knowing whether that will work or not. If it doesn't work, it's a disaster beyond belief. It oil would continue to flow into the Gulf for 3 years until the reserve is exhausted.

    The whole GOM could become a complete dead zone where nothing lives. It will take a very long time to recover if it does at all.

    Scientific American

  7. That's insane. I must admit I've been pretty ignorant about the whole event. Didn't even know it had happened until 3 weeks afterward.

    Those pictures though. Wow! :shock:
  8. It was obvious that at some time when they started deep water drilling this would happen,there should have been more money spent of a fall back position for when it would happen.Looks to me like BP is a dead duck,sory about the pun
  9. Listening to News Radio earlier today Washington has confirmed that it is worse than what Exxon Valdez was and it has yet to be contained.

    Joedelosa, we are not all partly to blame. It knew that the drilling methods weren't up to par but it persisted with them, anyway.

    BP must be handed the bill for this catastrophe. And it should be forced to absorb the costs, not to pass it onto the consumers. It wasn't the consumer which was reckless here.

    BP, Shell and others amass profits that put our banks, Telstra, Rio Tinto and BHP into the minor leagues, to use American jargon.
  10. If this is as true as it claims, BP are fukd now, like, proper fukd.

    Those unknowing I work in the oil & gas industry brown field (means working on old shit) so we get all the inside emails a little quicker then most... I wanted to share a few PDF's explaining some stuff but couldn't upload them here...

    But this one is all text...

  11. I recon we should eat some good fish while we still have a chance :(
  12. yes, deep fried in oil with a batter that has been deep fried in oil, served beside chips that have also been deep fried in... um... oil. Oh, and a few slices of lemon.
  13. once again xkcd comes to the rescue

  14. Proper fish and chips are fried in lovely, environmentally friendly lard.

    Brought to you by the Lard Information Council.
  15. Ouch… If your info represents a full and accurate depiction, then BP is going to have to do some real political gymnastics to avoid a savage bollocking from this one.
  16. I wonder why SLB didn't get their GM to call the BP GM and say, "Listen, we just paid to get our blokes off your rig... there's a disaster brewing and we want nothing to do with it."

    I simply can't fathom the thinking from the BP manager on the rig... Boggles my mind.
  17. I’d be guessing it was a case of “I am the manager I know best why should I listen to these upstart contractors.”
  18. The truth will come out.

    In the meantime it will be consumers that get shafted!
    BP have to raise the price of their products...and whatdayaknow? The others do too!