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BP charging for air

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by kampa77, Oct 13, 2008.

  1. After what shaped up to be the best weekend for racing in Victoria, myself and 15 other riders waited patiently at the BP service Station in Cowes to top up with some much needed juioce for the trip back to Melbourne.

    The service station, having just had its tanks topped up, opened the closed pumps. Carefully, I put the fuller nozzle into my tank and squeezed the trigger. Nothing but compressed air come out. I tried again. Again nothing. I called the attendant over, who advised me to hang up the pump, come inside and pay the $$ that had appeared on the pumps display. WHAT.??!!! Pay for air..!!!??

    After protesting at having to pay for nothing, the attendant advised he was calling the police and having me charged with theft.

    3 minutes later 2 police cars and a transport wagon arrived.
    Statements were taken by up to 5 witnesses, who saw that there was nothing coming out of the pump. Ironically, the daughter of the sites owner (who owns the land, buildings etc) unknowingly to me, paid for the air, and encouraged the attendants to "drop it"...

    Narrowly avoiding a charge of theft (for nothing but air). I had a friend wheel my bike to another pump, top it off and pay - as I was not allowed back on the premises.

    Moral(s) of the story - never be the first person to use a petrol pump. Keep an eye on the end of the filler nozzle as you never know if there's actually anything coming out of it. Always be polite to a police officer.
  2. I had the same thing happen in the truck , dribs and drabs but the meter ticking, i told the cashier and they were cool.

    I wonder if you would have got the same response i.e cops called if you were filling your car up.
  3. Make sure you let us all know what BP tell you once you lodge an official complaint via their website.
  4. bloody hell. 3 minutes for (at least) 3 police officers to arrive for the (alleged) attempt to steal goods to the value of, what, $5? nice to see such a good use of our scarce police resource
  5. Obviously finished playing escorts with the Bandidos and needed something else to fill their time with.
  6. That's what my first thought was.

    It'd be interesting to see if the coppers rocked up to allegations of shop lifting in the same period of time.
  7. Paying.

    For air.


    Thats just...mind-blowing! Stupid, irritating...dumb. All thats going to do is piss people off to the absolute maximum allowed. Something like that has happened to me in my cage, filled up what should be a 70 litre on-the-dot manufacturer standard tank with 108 litres. One-hundred and eight. Told they guy and he said there was nothing he could do. I told him to tell the owner and make damn well sure it didn't happen again, payed and drove off. Never went back.

    Have since found a nice old-fashioned mechanically metered pump in town that is spot on the money, so am a regular there. Apparently the mechanically metered pumps are more consistently accurate than their digital counterparts, so keep that in mind if you're jumpy about being taken for a ride by the distillate demons.

    Cheers - boingk

    EDIT: The 108 was at the Caltex StarMart on Goldsmith St, Goulburn. Run across to Clinton St and you've got yourself another Caltex. That one's the go!
  8. I've had the same thing happen and all they did was reset the pump.
    That treatment needs an official complaint.
  9. That's crazy! It happened to me once before so I simpley took my tank capacity, multiplied by the Cpl price of fuel and payed that amount. The attendent was fine about it. I probably had some still in the tank but not enough to justify worrying about. :)
  10. now this is scary :|
    gotta actually look at the nozzle while filling it up from now on...
    thanks for letting us know kampa...

    also...how about making a list of the BP locations where this kinda incidents have happened to u guys ? just a list of fill up stations to stay away from.
  11. Why would you pay for 108L??? So what if there's nothing the attendant can do, eg. rub two brain cells together.

    fcuk em all. Half these people with jobs with limited responsibilities seem to take those couple of things that they are required to do and place undue importance on getting them done lest they be made redundant.
  12. Ok. The BP has actually been "unjustly enriched" at your expense.

    Write a formal letter, DEMANDING the following:
    (i) An apology (both from BP and the attendant);
    (ii) Reimbursement of your $$.

    Suggest that if the above does not happen within 5 days you WILL pursue legal action and will seek both the original $$ and all costs necessary to recover the amount.
  13. Had the same problem in my old car. 1.6 Litre suzuki with a 49 litre tank.

    Managed to put 75 litres in when it was from far from empty, the stupid indian guy at the pump threatened to call the police, I gave him the amount for a full tank and walked out.

    Even after showing him the manual for my car which said it had a 49 litre capacity he refused to budge.

    This was on the 7-11 out of Penrith eastbound on the Great Western, never been back since
  14. I reguarly have the same problem buying LPG from Safeway servos, newish vehicle, dedicated LPG and always seems to put in way more than is indicated necessary by the fuel gauge.

    When I brought this up with the attendant once he suggested ringing the toll free number on the side of the bowser and it would be checked and any refund made to me. He said people say this to him quite a lot and as a result their pumps are checked a hell of a lot.
  15. I've had the opposite problem occur several times, filling with LPG. I've put in easily half a tank only to look up and see the volume and price still at zero. :shock:
  16. OMG where!??!?!
  17. twice in bourke, once in cairns, once in canberra. I put ~187L in in cairns while chatting to the station owner and when the auto fill clipped off went in with him to pay, he was as cofused as me.

    BTW i still suffer withdrawel from anglesea pizza and pasta...the satay chicken pizza is awesome.
  18. I thought this post meant charged for using air pressure for tyres.
    But that'd piss you off, il keep that in mind. My mum accidently picked up a diesel pump and poured 10cents before realising and put it down to tell the guy. She had to pay it, fair enough.
  19. This thread is full of 'hot-air' :p
    +1 on making a formal complaint
  20. Consumer Affairs Victoria is the authority for checking on such things. There used to the Department of Weights and Measures which used to do spot checks. But that was a long time ago.

    Write to BP as everyone is suggesting and CC it to CAV and do it in writing, you know, pen and paper (or printer ink and paper).

    Or even take it to VCAT if necessary (although if you didn't have to pay for the air as well as the fuel then this may not apply).